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How to use DJI Fly app

Here, we introduce How to use DJI Fly app. Click here for more information on DJI Mavic Mini.

Basics of using DJI Fly app

PC When you tap the (DJI Fly) icon and complete the initial settings of the app , you will see a screen like this. We will explain 1 to 6 in the figure in order.

Check the current location on map

PC Your current address is displayed in the upper left of the screen. A colored icon is displayed to the left of the address, and there is a bracketed notation to the right of the address. These indicate whether the current location is suitable for the flight (see below).
PC Tap the address to display the map. Like the (map)app you can zoom in and out with pinch-out and pinch-in. You can also move the display position by dragging.
Tap to switch between map and satellite photo.
Tap to adjust the map position so that the current position is at the center of the screen.
Tap to enter the place name input screen. You can display a map of any location.
Tap [+] [-] to zoom in / out.
PC Tap to see a screen like this. You can see the meaning of color coding on the map. And the display can be turned ON / OFF. The meaning of each is as follows.
Red:Restricted Zones
It is a no-fly zone. You cannot fly in this area.
Blue:Authorization Zones
This is an area that requires authorization. Only DJI verified account users can fly in this area.
Gray:Altitude Zones
This is an area where the flight altitude is restricted. This area limits the altitude of the flight.
Orange:Enhanced Warning Zones
Like Blue, it is an area that requires authorization. However, account verification is not required. You can make it fly by manually unlocking it.
Yellow:Warning Zones
This is an area that needs attention in flight. A caution message is displayed if necessary.
Green:Recommended Zones
Recommended area for flights.
Light blue:Regulatory Restricted Zones
It is an area where flying is prohibited due to special facilities such as prisons.
PC Tap the place name at the top of the map to call up a map of another area. You can check prohibited areas in foreign countries before travel.
PC The screen looks like this. Select the area and country and tap “^” on the upper right of the screen to switch the map.
PC Tap “Fly Spot” to find DJI recommended flight areas.
PC First of all, it will be a confirmation screen for disclaimers. All flight locations displayed by the fly spot feature are based on location tags that are spontaneously shared by SkyPixel users. DJI does not collect or share user data without your consent. For more information on DJI's data privacy policy, please visit this web page. Always check and follow local rules regarding where you fly. If you agree, tap “I agree”.
PC Then this screen will appear. Recommended spots for each region are listed. However, only part of China is currently displayed. If users from around the world participate, the recommended spots may increase.

Read the manual

PC Tap the book icon at the top right of the screen to read tutorials, tips, manuals, and more.
PC The screen looks like this. You can enjoy videos and documents.

Enjoy aerial photos and videos

PC Tap “Album” at the bottom left of the screen to enjoy the photos and videos you took with DJI drone.
PC Tap the screen after connecting the smartphone and DJI drone, and the photos and videos taken with the DJI drone will be downloaded to the smartphone. Please refer Enjoy photos and videos taken with DJI drone / How to use DJI Mimo function page for details on how to use this screen.

Access SkyPixel

PC Tap “SkyPixel” at the bottom left of the screen to open the aerial photo sharing platform SkyPixel. If you are logged in / registered during the initial setupof the DJI Fly app , the screen will open automatically while logged in to SkyPixel. You can enjoy photos and videos taken by other users.

Edit profile / change settings

PC Tap “Profile” at the bottom of the screen to view and edit your user profile.
PC This is the main screen of “Profile”.
Tap your user name in the upper left to see and edit your profile.
Tap “More” at the bottom left to see your flight history. For details on how to refer to the log, see Check flight log of DJI drone / View flight path .
PC Tap “Find My Drone” to check the location of your drone. You can blink the drone light and make a beep. Useful when a drone falls on the grass and loses sight.
Tap to switch the marker display position to the drone position or home point (takeoff location).
Tap to switch the display direction of the map so that it is up north or the direction you are facing up.
Tap to switch the map display method between “Standard”, “Satellite” and “Mixed”.


PC Tap “Settings” to make various settings.
In the “Aircraft Firmware Update” menu, you can update the internal firmware of the DJI drone to the latest version. For details on Firmware Update, see DJI Mavic Mini knowledge .
PC In the “Sync Flight Data” menu, you can specify whether or not your flight data is uploaded to the DJI cloud. When set to ON, you can see your flight data from other devices logged in with the same ID.
PC In the “Camera View” menu, you can specify whether to display DJI drone camera images on the iPhone.
PC In the “Clear Cache” menu, you can specify the deletion of various cache data stored in the DJI Fly app.
If you update your drone's firmware, download videos and photos from your drone to your iPhone, or download free background music from DJI and edit your videos, the cache inside this app will grow bigger. Clear the cache as needed.
PC In the “Privacy” menu, you can turn on / off sharing of various location information and DJI product improvement project.
Turn on "Local Data Mode" to block communication with DJI and other servers. You will not be able to retrieve flight log uploads, firmware updates, location data information such as maps and geo-fencing restrictions, etc. Instead, it ensures stronger privacy.
PC In the “Language” menu, you can switch the display language in the app. When “System Default” is selected, it follows the setting in 設定(Settings)-(General)- [Language & Region]-[iPhone Language] of iPhone.
PC Tap “Replay Beginner Guide” to display “Reset Guide?”. Tap “OK” and return to the main screen of the app to replay the user guide video you saw in the app ’s initial settings.