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How to play VelociDrone : FPV drone simulator

VelociDrone Scenery [Future Hanger]-[VRL7 Track 1]
Racing drones / FPV drones require very delicate operations compared to aerial photo drones such as DJI and Parrot. In order to fly properly, practice with a simulator is indispensable.
A software called “VelociDrone” has been released as a typical Racing drones / FPV drones / Tiny Whoops simulator. Here, we will explain the procedure from purchasing, downloading, installing on Windows 10 PC, and how to fly VelociDrone.

Variations of FPV drone simulator

Currently, there are three types of famous FPV drone simulators: All of them are real and full-scale software that is preferred by drone racers. In addition, there are the following simulators.

What you need to play VelociDrone

BetaFPV LiteRadio 2 controller in FPV Whoop Racing Advanced Kit 2
To play VelociDrone, you need at least a computer and a gamepad. This software is compatible with Windows10, Mac and Linux (Debian / RedHat). Get a gamepad that works as a Windows 10 HID Joystick device when connected to your computer via USB. Radio controllers for Racing drones / FPV drones usually support this feature. Please check the instruction manual of the radio you have.
In addition, it is recommended to add a video card because VelociDrone uses 3D graphics. The video card must have graphics performance compatible with DirectX 11.0 and Shader Model 5. If you install a high-performance video card, you can enjoy high image quality and smooth movement.
PC With a radio equipped with OpenTX , when you turn on and connect it to your PC with USB cable, a menu like this will be displayed. Select "USB Joystick (HID)" to operate as a Joystick device.

Create a new account ~ Purchase a license

PC You must register for an account to download VelociDrone. First, get a VelociDrone account.
Open VelociDrone website and click “Download” from the menu.
PC Then you will see a screen like this. Fill in “Register” field on the right half of the screen.
Full Name: Enter your full name in alphabetic characters.
E-mail Address / Confirm E-Mail: Enter your email address.
Password / Confirm Password: Think and enter the password for your account. Only alphanumeric characters can be used.
Unique Player Name / Tag: Think and enter the nickname that will appear as your name during online multiplayer games.
Year of Birth: Enter your year of birth in.
Check Subscribe to our newsletter if you want to receive the newsletter from VelociDrone.
When you have filled all fields, click “Register” button at the bottom.
PC Then you will see a screen like this. You are logged in to VelociDrone site and your “full name” is displayed in the upper right corner of the screen. In particular, you will not receive a registration completion email from VelociDrone.
On this screen, select items to download and purchase. It seems that there was a free trial version in the past, but now there are only paid downloads. If this software does not support your computer environment or controller you have, you may not be able to play even if you purchase. You need to take risks in this regard.
The minimum purchase required is VelociDrone License £ 16.99 (about 22.17 USD). Press “Add To Cart” button below to enter it in “shopping cart”.
If you want to simulate Tiny Whoop, we also recommend the optional content Micro Class Quads £ 4.00 (about 5.22 USD). BetaFPV Beta75x, Tiny Hawk, CrazyBee Micro, Mobula 6, Meteor 65, Beebrain, AcroBee, ZeroGrav can be simulated, and 24 courses of scenery "Library", "NightClub", "House" for Tiny Whoop will be added.
PC When you press the “Add To Cart” button, you will see a screen like this. Press the “Continue Shopping” button to return to the screen above. You can continue to purchase other items. Press the “Payment” button to proceed to checkout.
PC Select a payment method.
PC If you follow the instructions on the screen and perform the payment operation, you will finally see this screen. Here you had finished license purchase. You will receive an email from Veloci Drone titled "Purchase Complete".
Next, download and install the software.
PC If you are logged out of VelociDrone website, such as by restarting your computer, click “Login” at the top right of the screen. Then you will see a screen like this. Enter your e-mail address and registered password in the “Login” field on the left half of the screen, and click “Login” button.

Software download ~ installation

This software can be installed in any folder you like.
Precautions for installation
The size of the software itself exceeds 2GB. Make sure there is enough disk space in the installation folder. Also, the download will take a long time. Depending on the network environment, it may take an hour or even several hours. Avoid installing at night when the internet is slow, and do it when you have time to spare.
PC Log in to the VelociDrone website and click on your full name at the top right of the screen. Then a menu like this will be displayed, so select “My Licenses”.
PC Then you will see a screen like this. Click the “Download VelociDrone ...” button in the center of the screen to download ZIP file (launcher). You can choose Windows version, Mac version, Linux Debian version, Linux Redhat version. You can download the software from this screen anytime and any number of times.
Once the software is installed, the license will be linked to the computer. If you want to reinstall it on another computer, click “Unassign License From Current Device” button displayed on this screen after installation to remove the linkage to previous computer.
PC You can download a file such as “Velocidrone Windows Launcher.zip”. Size of this file is about 8MB for Windows 10. Copy this to any folder you want to install and unzip it.
Then, three files “install_readme.txt”,“Launcher.exe” and “launcher.dat” will appear in the folder “Velocidrone Windows Launcher” like this. Double-click “Launcher.exe” to start downloading and installing the software. The software will be installed in the folder where you started “Launcher.exe”.
PC When you double-click “Launcher.exe”, you will first see a screen like this. Download of the 30MB size installer will start.
PC Next, download and installation of the software itself will start. It takes a lot of time. Please wait earnestly. No special operation is required during installation, so you can leave it alone.
When the progress bar reaches 50%, the download is complete, and then the decompression work is performed. In my environment it took 2 hours to download and another 30 minutes to unzip, for a total of 2 hours and 30 minutes.
PC When screen looks like this, installation is complete. Click “Play” button to start program.
VelociDrone is not registered in the Windows Start menu or desktop. Next time you start software, you must open installation folder and double-click “Launcher.exe” again. Or pin “Launcher.exe” to the Start menu yourself, or put a shortcut on your desktop.

Replacement / change of PC / Use on multiple PCs

PC VelociDrone can only be purchased with one license per user account and can be used with only one computer. When replacing / changing a computer, click "Unassign License From Current Device" on the "My Licenses" screen in the figure in advance to cancel the link with the current computer. Alternatively, follow the instructions when installing on a new computer to transfer the license.
If you want to use on two or more computers at the same time, you need to create as many accounts as you want and purchase individually.

First launch of software

PC Open installation folder and double-click “Launcher.exe”. Then, a screen like this will appear, so click “Play” button.
PC If there is a new update, a screen like this will appear when the software is started, and the download of the update module will start automatically. Downloading the update module takes tens of seconds for small patches, but for large updates it takes about the same amount of time as for a new installation. You can defer the update by clicking [cancel].
PC After click “Play” button, you will see a screen like this. Enter email address and password you registered as your VelociDrone account and click “Submit”.
PC If you enter the correct email address and password, you will see a screen like this. The message “Your license has been activated” is displayed. Click “CLOSE”.
PC It takes a long time to start software. The screen will remain like this for a while.
PC After waiting a few minutes, you will see a menu screen like this. The first startup is completed successfully.
In addition, your total flight time is displayed at the bottom left of this screen. It takes dozens of hours of practice to be able to fly around the course freely. let's do our best.
In my experience, after flying for about 30 hours, I managed to fly to the end on most courses, aside from lap times :)

Controller settings

PC Before starting VelociDrone, turn on the power of the controller, connect it to a computer, and recognize it as a “USB input device”. Then click “CONTROLLER” from the menu screen.
Use a USB cable "For data communication"
There are two types of USB cables: "For data communication" where all terminals are connected, and "For charging" where only power supply terminals are connected. You need to use "For data communication" to make the computer recognize the controller. Please note that some cables attached to bonus of mobile phone or charger, battery are "For charging".

Stick settings

PC Then you will see a screen like this. If controller is recognized by Windows, its name will be displayed in the upper left corner of the screen. If a different controller name is displayed, click "Assign Controller" to switch.
The bars on the left side of the screen show the status of sticks / switches, and the squares on the right side of the screen show the status of buttons. As you operate sticks / switches / buttons on your controller, they should move and react.
Click “Assign Sticks” to assign stick actions.
At the top center of the screen, there are two boxes, each representing the operation of the left and right sticks. First, the orange dot in the box moves diagonally and says “Follow Sticks”. Operate the stick to match the movement of the dots.
If “Centre Tx Sticks” is displayed on the subsequent screen, move all sticks to the center position. Then the process will proceeds to the next step.
PC Then dot in the right box move to the right. So you must move right stick on your controller to the right.
After this, the dots in the right box move up, the dots in the left box move to the right, and then up, so operate stick on the controller accordingly.
PC Next, “Move Roll Stick” is displayed in the center of the screen. Move the stick you want to use to roll the drone. If you want to fly in mode 2, move the right stick left or right.
PC Next, “Move Pitch Stick” is displayed in the center of the screen. Move the stick you want to use to control the pitch of the drone. If you want to fly in mode 2, move the right stick forward and backward.
PC Then, “Move Yaw” is displayed in the center of the screen. Move the stick you want to use to operate the yaw of the drone. If you want to fly in mode 2, move the left stick left or right.
PC Finally, “Move Throttle” is displayed in the center of the screen. Move the stick you want to use to throttle the drone. If you want to fly in mode 2, move the left stick forward and backward.
Here you had completed stick settings. When you operate stick of the controller, 3DCG of drone on the upper right of the screen will move according to your operation. If you make a mistake, click “Assign Sticks” and try again.
Direction of the stick is reversed !?
PC If the direction of the stick and movement of the aircraft are reversed, click the stick from bars on the left side of the screen. Then a window for such fine adjustment will be displayed. You can flip the direction by clicking "INVERT". In addition, fine adjustments such as dead zone, sensitivity, e.t.c. are possible on this screen. When you have finished making adjustments, click "DONE" at the bottom left.
Checking the accuracy of your controller
After completing the settings, slowly move the left and right gimbals (sticks) on the controller. In low-priced products, the accuracy of the gimbal (stick) is poor, and the output value may flutter. Make sure that the dots move smoothly as you operate the stick.
And check the value in the center of the stick every time you turn on the radio, and calibrate if the center is off.

Button / switch settings

PC You can assign 11 functions from “Race Start” to “Fire” lined up in the center of the screen to buttons or switches on your controller. First, click function button in the center, and then click button or switch you want to assign sticks / switches / button list from left and right of the screen. Do this for each function you want to assign.
If you assign "Race Start" to the switch that you always use for Arm, you can start time attack with Arm switch.
Note that these 11 function assignments are not mandatory. You do not have to set anything.
Click “BACK” at the bottom left of the screen to return to main menu.

First flight

PC Let's fly anyway. Click “SINGLE PLAYER” from the menu screen.
If you click "QUICK START" at the top of the menu, the flight will start immediately with the last drone and course you flew last time.
PC First select the drone. Initially there is only one drone in the field on the left side of the screen. Click “ADD QUAD” at the top left of the screen.
PC A list of drones is displayed. If you have purchased a license for the optional content “Micro Class Quads”, Tiny Whoops name will appear. Here, I chose Beta75x from BetaFPV. After clicking drone, click “SELECT MODEL” at the bottom right of the screen.
You can move the viewpoint by dragging the mouse or turning the scroll wheel on this screen. You can see the drone from various directions.
PC You can give the drone any name you like. After entering the name, click “SAVE”.
PC A drone has been added to the field on the left side of the screen. From here, select the drone you want to use for this flight and click “SELECT QUAD” at the bottom right of the screen.
You can add multiple drones of the same model to the field on the left side of the screen by changing the settings.
Also, on the right side of the screen, parameters of the selected drone are displayed. You can change this parameter by clicking "EDIT SETTINGS".
PC Next is the selection of scenery. Initially, “Football Stadium” is selected. You can select another location (scenery) in the drop-down list labeled “Football Stadium” at the top left of the screen. In the list in center of the screen, you can select track (race course) set for that location. You can select wind strength, turbulence, gust frequency, wind direction, etc. with the slide bar at the bottom of the screen. Click “SELECT SCENERY” at the bottom right of the screen to start flight.
You can add a check mark by clicking the "Favorite" field on this screen. Velocidrone has a large number of courses available. If you come across a course you like, put a checkmark here to remember.
PC This is start screen at “Football Stadium”. If image is not displayed correctly, try changing “Camera Angle” and “Camera FOV” settings. If you have assigned these to buttons and switches on controller, try operating them.
After that, you can fly by operating stick of the controller. First of all, please enjoy your flight freely.
However, this course is too difficult for beginners. " Introducing VelociDrone Sceneries" introduces scenery suitable for beginners' practice. Please refer.
You can also start / stop time attack by clicking flag icon at the bottom of the icons on the right side of screen.
However, you must be in [Rate] mode to successfully pass through the gate and turn the flag. It is recommended that you switch to practice in [Rate] mode as soon as you get a feel for maneuvering in [Angle] mode.
Even if you switch between scenery and course, the position of the drone does not change from the original location (coordinates). For this reason, immediately after switching courses, you may be thrown into an empty space. In such a case, you can move to the start point of the set course by clicking the flag icon.
PC Click house icon at the top of the icons on the right side of screen to display this screen. You can return to menu screen by clicking “YES”.
PC Click "QUIT" at the bottom of the menu screen to exit the software.

Screen settings

PC You can set the play screen such as resolution and frame rate. Select "OPTIONS" from the menu
PC Then select "SCREEN SETTINGS" from the menu on the left. Then, as shown in the figure, you can make various settings related to play screen.
If you use a computer with low graphic performance such as a laptop computer, you can reduce the quality and increase the frame rate. Also, when using a computer equipped with a high-performance 3D graphic board, you can improve the image quality and object details.
If you set "Hide Mouse Pointer" to Yes, the mouse pointer will be hidden during gameplay.
PC If you select "MAIN SETTINGS" from the menu on the left, you can adjust parameters related to gameplay, such as language and audio volume. Also, if you select "FULL RESET" from the menu on the left, not only the settings but also everything including your play history and information will be reset, and it will be in the state immediately after installation. Your total flight time and course favorites will also be reset.

Change flight mode

PC To change flight mode of drone, click "Mode" at the top right of the play screen. Each time you click, it switches between [Angle]-[Horizon]-[Rate]. Start practicing with [Angle] first. However, you must be in [Rate] mode to successfully pass through the gate and turn the flag. It is recommended that you switch to practice in [Rate] mode as soon as you get a feel for maneuvering in [Angle] mode.
Flight mode may switch arbitrarily at the start of the game, or switching scenery and courses. Check the flight mode before each flight.

Air mode ON/OFF : Change drone settings

Drones have a function called Air mode that assists attitude control even when the throttle is turn to zero. This is useful for trick flights where the throttle may be reduced to zero during flight.
PC To switch Air mode, open drone settings screen. On the drone selection screen, click "EDIT SETTINGS" at the bottom right of the screen.
PC Then you will see a screen like this. You can switch between [true (ON)] and [false (OFF)] by hovering over "Air Mode" and clicking [<] [>].
On this screen, you can change many settings related to drone itself, such as camera angle and battery simulation.
PC This setting screen can be called even during play. Select the spanner icon from the icons on the right.

Display operation method: Help screen

PC To display how to operate screen, click keyboard icon from icons on the right side of the screen.
PC Then help screen will be displayed. For example
[PageUp][PageDown]: Move the camera angle up and down.
[R]: Move to start position or the position of the last gate passed
[End] or [\]: Store screen captures in the Documents folder
[F]: Switch to a camera from FPV or from line of sight.
[S]: Switch to a camera from spectator's point of view.
[Insert][Delete]: Change the FOV (angle of view) of the camera.
[A]: Start / abort the race.
[M]: Show stick operation.

Learn how to fly FPV drone

VelociDrone's official YouTube channel publishes many tutorial videos. By watching the videos that start with the name "Flight Training", you can learn how to fly from the basic operation.
Flight Training - part 1

Watch on YouTube

Introducing VelociDrone Sceneries

VelociDrone has a large number of scenery / courses, but beginners are wondering where to start because there are no indicators such as difficulty. Here, we will mainly introduce scenery that is suitable for beginners' practice.
[Countryside]-[3D Championship 2016]
PC It is a simple course with gates and flags arranged at intervals in the vast grassland, and is recommended for beginners' first practice. Here you can practice basic turns. However, the course is wide, so be careful not to overspeed. There are two 360-degree turns of the flag, you can not turn at high speed unless you combine the throttle, rudder, aileron, and elevator exquisitely.
There are several other courses in the scenery [Countryside] that beginners can fly. In particular, the course [HDR-Trainer-LEVLE1]-[HDR-Trainer-LEVLE5] is set so that the difficulty level increases step by step.
Also, from [level 01 pylons] to [level 15 Lets race] of the scenery [Empty Scene Day], there is a simple course similar to this scene that beginners can practice step by step. Please try it.
[Empty Scene Day]-[level 01 pylons]
PC 15 courses from [level 01 pylons] to [level 15 Lets race] of the scenery [Empty Scene Day], start with a simple course as shown in this figure, are courses beginners can practice various obstacles that appear on race course step by step.
However, it is difficult to master up to [level 15 Lets race] at once, so I think it is good to go back to this course and step up from time to time while enjoying the other courses below.
[Karting Track]-[Track Lap]
PC Here you can fly along the kart racing course. This is the best course for early practice in Rate mode. You can enjoy it as if you were playing a race car game. You can also fly inside the house standing beside the course.
[Football Stadium]-[FPV Dutchman Insanity]
PC There are several 3D gates on the high speed course here. If you fly after getting used to Rate mode to some extent, you can learn more precise course taking. It is a fun course to fly with a sense of speed and difficulty that is suitable for beginners.
[Subway]-[All Stations]
PC It is a course that flies in the subway of New York (?) That is realistically reproduced. Fly through the tunnels between the three stations. Be careful not to hit the wall as the tunnel is dark.
[Football Stadium]-[FPV Dutchman Split-S Left]
PC As the course name suggests, this is a course where you can take special training for split-S (turning 180 degrees in the vertical direction). After passing through the brown gate in the figure, [1] Roll 180 degrees for back flight. [2] Pull elevator quickly for pitch up to turn 180 degrees in the vertical direction. [3] Press the elevator and throttle to shift to level flight. perform in an instant. You have to push the elevator immediately after pulling it, which makes it difficult to get the timing. I think it's best to practice at a high enough place at first.
By the way, the turn that first makes a 180-degree vertical turn and then returns to horizontal flight with a 180-degree roll is called an Immelmann turn. If you fly in the opposite direction on this course, you can get a special training on the Immelmann turn.
[Basketball Stadium]-[BallinHand]
PC This is a three-dimensional long course constructed using the entire stadium. Even if you fly slowly, it is difficult for beginners to reach the end, but it is a course that is as fun as riding a roller coaster. After diving two blue triangular gates near the ceiling (visible on the right side of the figure), you will reach the goal and return to the starting point.
You can learn precise course taking not only in the horizontal direction but also in ascending and descending.
[Basketball Stadium]-[Rebound_one] is a similar course, but with two vertical dives.
PC It is a course set in the port. There are many courses in [Coastal], but the first [HDR-Cargo 1.8.6] is the easiest and for beginners. There is one place that requires a 180 degree vertical turn. Let's go through with Split-S.
[Dynamic Weather]-[Boners Arena]
PC [Dynamic Weather] has a lot of spectacular scenes with detailed. Especially [Boners] series are all well designed. Since you can not understand the flight course in free flight mode, let's fly with time attack mode rely on gate navigation.
[Dynamic Weather]-[KLG Team Race]
PC Also from [Dynamic Weather], this is a short course where you can pursue speed. The course is easy to understand and even beginners can enjoy speed.
[Dynamic Weather]-[Quad Rivals Ladders from Hell DW]
PC Also from [Dynamic Weather], this is a course where you can thoroughly practice the flight of the three-stage gate (Ladder) that turns round and round, which often appears on the competition course. Turning the 3-stage gate is a hassle, but it is a technical course that makes you desperate when you start flying. Anyway here you have to turn around many times. Be careful not to over rotate your eyes.
[Empty Scene Day]-[FMR Sky High]
PC [Empty Scene] series has a simple background, so you can enjoy it even on a low-performance computer. And there are many different types of courses. This [FMR Sky High] is a course built in the air and has a thrilling and open feeling. The course is relatively easy to understand and even beginners can enjoy it.
[Empty Scene Day]-[HDR-Apples-Orchards1.9.3]
PC Another speed course from [Empty Scene Day] series, which is relatively narrow and has many curves. Beginners will enjoy this course as the time will be shortened each time they fly. In one place, the collision detection of the flag shown in the figure is strict, and it is difficult to take the course.
In addition, courses that name begin with [HDR-] that follows this corse are all like race car game, mainly only horizontal turns are required. So these are easy courses for beginners.
[Empty Scene Night]-[FPV Dutchman Neon Flash]
PC This course is similar to [Football Stadium]-[FPV Dutchman Insanity]. However, the guides lined up under the course get in the way, so more severe maneuvers are required. I think this course is the easiest to fly in the scenery [Empty Scene Night].
[Industrial Wasteland]-[Industrial Flag Race]
PC It is a scenery with motif of abandoned factory. Anyone who has practiced so far will be able to fly any course in this scenery relatively easily. Each course is narrow and requires more delicate operation than ever before. First [Industrial Flag Race] is the easiest I think.
[Bando]-[VRL Season 4 Track 2]
PC It is a course to fly outdoors and indoors in a large abandoned building. You need to fly fast and technically. A well thought out course is a lot of fun to fly. The next course [VRL-Bando-Jungle] is also a fun course.
PC Scenery River 2 is a scene reminiscent of medieval Europe. A large river flows through the vast undulating scenery, and old castles are built in the mountains. All courses are relatively easy to fly, but I recommend this course and TBS-Live-Race-8 at the end of list.
[Future Hanger]-[Pylons]
PC This is a perfect scenery for scenic flights, with beautifully crafted near-future sci-fi details. Course is still simple, but feel free to fly off the course. This hanger has 3 floors. Find a way to go up to the 2nd and 3rd floors from inside the building. You can enjoy it just by flying leisurely and looking at it. Due to the large number of polygons, video cards with low video memory can cause image corruption.
[Future Hanger]-[VRL7 Track 1]
PC There is another large building in the vast field of [Future Hanger]. A spaceship(?) is parked here. Course is set outdoors, but once inside the building, there are bathrooms and bedrooms in the building, and drink packs are placed on the desks, elaborate scenery!. You can only enter the building from the entrance. If you try to enter through the window, you will crash :). It's also fun to fly in the desolate scenery outside the building.

Courses for TinyWhoop

From here, we will introduce courses for TinyWhoop. Use a smaller 65mm Whoop, such as Meteor 65 or Mobula 6. Unlike courses introduced so far, you need more delicate control by operating throttle lower and slowing down speed. Fly slowly and carefully at first, as you would when flying in a house. Also, devise how to hold the radio and how to support the stick.
The one that says "TinyWhoop exclusive scenery" is included in the optional content "Micro Class Quads".
PC This is TinyWhoop exclusive scenery, fly a fashionable studio apartment with a loft. The course is simple. For those who usually fly Tiny Whoop indoors, I think it's a relatively easy scenery.
[Indoor GoKart]-[Beta 2S Power Race 8]
PC [Indoor GoKart] is a scenery with indoor go-kart motif. All of them have easy-to-fly courses, but this is the only narrow course for Tiny Whoop. I think this course is the most difficult in [Indoor GoKart] scenery.
[Large Car Park]-[Altitude]
PC This is 4-story underground(?) car park. The feeling that the ground is wet is well expressed. The ground is wet, and Gate Sound and Voice Announcements are echoed, giving an indoor atmosphere. Due to the low roof, this scenery mainly focuses on horizontal turns. We're introducing first courses here, but they're all about the same level of difficulty.
PC This is TinyWhoop exclusive scenery, like a university library. Unfortunately, there aren't many courses that take advantage of the details of this library. However, each course requires more delicate stick operation than any previous course. I think the course [Speed Reading] is the most fun to fly.
[Subway]-[Beta 2S Power Race 1]
PC It is a course to fly in a burning subway car. The accuracy of course taking is more important than speed. Trains have a large number of polygons, so a video card with low video memory can cause image corruption. Following this, [Micro Lobby Run - Bouser FPV] and [Micro Rush Hour] are also courses for Tiny Whoop.
[Sports Hall]-[MICROGYM]
PC It is a scenery with a gymnasium motif, and all are narrow courses for Tiny Whoop. If you want to participate in TinyWhoop race, you want to win all the courses. Unfortunately, there aren't many fun courses to fly, but this MICROGYM is a maze-like and interesting course.
PC This is TinyWhoop exclusive scenery with the motif of a luxury night club. Only 4 courses have been set yet. It's good to hone your skills with a time attack along the course, but it's also fun to fly around the nightclub freely. In addition to the main dance floor with psychedelic lighting, there are several small floors, a VIP room separated by magic mirrors, a bar, and even a toilet. Please enjoy the realistic details. Due to the large number of polygons, video cards with low video memory can cause image corruption.
[Bando]-[Betafpv 2s Power Finals]
PC First 7 courses of Scenery [Bando] are for Tiny Whoop. All are courses that fly around in abandoned buildings. I think the first [Betafpv 2s Power Finals] is relatively easy to fly.
[River2]-[Beta 2S Power Race 2]
PC This is a course for low-power drones that flies over a small fort in the mountains. MICRO_medieval in the same scenery is also a narrow course set in the same fort.
[Basketball Stadium]-[NBD Micro Series Race 7]
PC This is a small course built in a corner of the basketball stadium. Although it is for TinyWhoop, it has a large height difference ascending and descending, and difficult to clear unless you are accustomed to flying in the vertical direction.
[Industrial Wasteland]-[Newbeedrone Championships]
PC Fly in a coal mine-like scenery. The whole course is narrow and intricate. In addition, there are many bumps on the ground, so once you crash, you will crash again without doing anything during restoration, and it will be difficult to proceed. It is a tough course that requires almost no crash to fly to the end.
PC This is a course using playset in the park. The course is short, but you have to fly up, down, left and right in narrow space accurately. It's quite difficult.
PC This is TinyWhoop exclusive scenery that imitates a typical Western suburban mansion. Great for practicing flying through the house. However, it takes a considerable amount of practice time to be able to fly freely in this narrow scene in Rate mode. There are many rooms from the basement to the second floor. Try go around all the rooms.

Challenge the race / time attack

Once you get used to the flight to some extent, try the race / time attack. In Time Attack, you make a fixed number of laps on a fixed course and measure the flight time. You can also upload your flight time to Veloci Drone's Race Results Bulletin Board: LEADER BORD and you can compete with your past lap times (ghost drones).
PC First of all, let's make various settings for the race / time attack. Select "OPTIONS" from the menu.
PC On the [MAIN SETTINGS] screen, you can make settings related to race / time attack.
Gate Navigation set to "Yes", arrow and drone icon will indicate the position of next gate to go to.
Indicator Color you can choose the color of drone icon that indicates the next gate to go to from four colors: White, Yellow, Cyan, and Orange.
PC Gate Sound you can select the sound when you clear gate from three types: none, swoosh, and ping. Ping is easy to understand and recommended.
Lap Time Announcement you can select how to display the time when you finish one lap of the course from Lap Time or Lap Delta Time.
Single Player Race Countdown allows you to specify how to count down at the start of race.
Voice Announcements set to "Yes", the time will be read by voice aloud after each lap of the course.
End of Race Statistics you can choose how to display the results after race.
PC After completing above settings, let's choose the course to race. Number of race laps and game type are specified at the bottom right of the screen when selecting a course.
The meanings of the keywords that appear in GAME TYPE column are as follows.
Keyword Description
Race Crashes are not penalised. Competitor allowed to continue in the race.
Event Crashes result in competitor being red flagged at next gate and removed from the race. Competitor can continue flying and will be prevented from colliding with other competitors.
Open Class All quad setup parameters are allowed.
Single Class Drag sliders are all set to a single defined level for all competitors in the session. Battery simulation is forced on. PID controller settings are allowed and all other quad modifications are allowed.
Laps The one who finishes the set laps in the fastest time is the winner.
2 Minutes The one who completes the most laps is the winner. If two or more players complete the same number of laps then it's the fastest time to complete those laps that wins.
Ghost drone settings
PC Click the clock icon, which is the second icon from the bottom on the right side of the screen, to make settings related to saving race records.
Each time you click [TIME ATTACK TOGGLE], it switches between [None]-[BEST LAP]-[PREVIOUS LAP].
In [BEST LAP], your best lap flight path will be displayed as a ghost, and in [PREVIOUS LAP], your last flight path will be displayed as a ghost drone at the next race. You can compete with your past lap times. When competitors are displayed, race gets hot.
Note that the [TIME ATTACK TOGGLE] setting is reset every time you start the game or switch scenery (it becomes [None]). If you want to save / play your past flights on each course, reset them before flight.
PC When you select [BEST LAP] or [PREVIOUS LAP] on the above screen, it is recommended to set "Trails Enabled" to "true" on the [OPTIONS]-[QUAD SETTINGS] screen. Ghost drone has a "tail" in the flight path, making it easier to see where the ghost is.
Race start
PC You can start race by clicking flag icon at the bottom of icons on the right side of the screen, or by turning on the switch assigned "Race Start" on the controller.
By the way, you can interrupt the race by clicking this icon during the race.
PC The countdown will begin.
PC Arrows and drone icons will show you where to go next. When the drone icon is red, it is "back side". Turn to the other side.
PC At the end of the race, lap time and total time will be displayed.

Replay / save / load ghost flight data

You can replay, save, and load flight data that you have flown in the past.
PC Once you have specified [BEST LAP] or [PREVIOUS LAP] in [TIME ATTACK TOGGLE] menu and finished the race, your flight route will be saved for each course. You can replay your saved flight path by clicking [VIEW GHOST FLIGHT]. You can switch playback speed with [PLAYBACK SPEED].
PC Click [FULL GHOST MANAGEMENT MENU] on the above screen to display this screen. Then click [EXPORT] to save the flight data in "Documents" folder as a ".ghost" format file. If you add the date etc. to the file name, you can save the flight data without overwriting. If you select [IMPORT GHOST] on this screen, you can load the flight data saved in the past or another user's.

Compete with rivals: how to play in NEMESIS mode

In NEMESIS mode, you can compete with other players' data uploaded to VelociDrone's LEADER BORD. Data on three players close to your time will be downloaded and you can race with them.
PC Select "NEMESIS" from the menu.
PC Select the drone to participate in the race. Adjust the drone parameters from the EDIT SETTINGS menu as needed. However, NEMESIS mode races will be held in "Single Class".
PC Next, select the scenery / course you want to race and click "SELECT SCENERY" at the bottom right of the screen. In NEMESIS mode, the "GAME TYPE" option that is normally displayed at the bottom right of the screen does not appear.
PC Start the race.
For scenery / courses that you play in NEMESIS mode for the first time, your time will be measured first. Please perform the time attack alone normally.
After that, when you start the race for the second time, the data of your nemesis player will start downloading as shown in this screen. The download may take a few minutes.
PC And finally the race start with the nemesis. On the left side of the screen, the nicknames, times, and rankings of the three enemy players are displayed. Since the GAME TYPE is "Single Class", battery simulation is enabled. A pie chart showing the remaining battery level is displayed in the upper right.
PC When the race is over, you will see the results as usual.
PC Once you play in NEMESIS mode, the GAME TYPE will remain "Single Class" the next time you play in normal "SINGLE PLAYER" mode. If necessary, switch back to "Open Class - Laps" e.t.c..

Adjust drone PID value, RC Rate, Super Rate, RC Expo

VelociDrone also simulates PID profile, which determines the flight characteristics of the drone, and Rate profile, which can adjust the response of radio to stick operations. If you have a drone with Betaflight firmware, you can enter exactly the same values as the actual machine and simulate.
PC If you want to change PID profile or Rate profile of the drone, select "Advanced Drone Setup" from menu on the play screen.
PC Then, a screen similar to the PID profile and Rate profile setting of Betaflight Configurator on your PC will be displayed.
Three types of profiles can be stored, just like the actual machine. You can switch between three profiles by clicking arrow to the right of "Profile: 1" at the top left of the screen.
After entering or changing values, click "Save" at the bottom right of the screen to reflect it. If you do not want to change the value, click "Exit".
For information on how to adjust the PID profile and Rate profile, information on each site below will be helpful.

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