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How to use trim switches

Here, we will introduce how to use the trim switches of OpenTX / EdgeTX radio.

What are trim switches?

Trim Switch
The trim switches are switch for adjusting center position of gimbal. Normally, two buttons for vertical adjustment and horizontal adjustment are installed near each gimbal. You can temporarily shift the center position of the gimbal by clicking it up / down or left / right.
With fixed-wing aircraft, the aircraft may be swept up, down, left, or right even if stick is in center position due to distortion of steering surface or misalignment of servo motor settings. Or, with multicopter, if horizontal calibration is not performed correctly, the aircraft may be swept. Trim switches are used to temporarily compensate for this problem.
And after the flight is over, you need to find out what caused the aircraft to be swept and make adjustments and reset the trim. Or if you can't solve the cause of the aircraft being swept, copy the trim settings to "Subtrim" field on OUTPUTS screen of "MODEL Menu" and reset the trim.

Effective range of trim settings

Trim switch settings are stored individually for each MODEL. Switching MODEL also switches trim switch setting. Furthermore, 9 types of " FLIGHT MODE " can be set for each MODEL, and trim switch settings are stored for each "FLIGHT MODE".

Reflect trim adjustment result on [OUTPUTS] screen

PC When flying with a multicopter, hover in stable flight mode and check the direction of flow and rotation. Click the trim switch on the radio to adjust it to offset this.
PC The trim status is displayed on the radio screen.
PC Open OUTPUTS screen of MODEL menu, select channel for which you have adjusted the trim, and press and hold [ENTER] key. Then a menu like this will be displayed. Select "Cpy trim->subtrim (Copy trims to subtrim)".
PC Then, the trim setting value of selected channel is copied to Subtrim on the OUTPUTS screen.
PC If you select "Edit" of the channel on the OUTPUTS screen, you will see a screen like this. You can see that the Trim setting value is entered in Subtrim column. Also, if you look at pulse length at the top right of the screen, you can see that the values are shifting.
Finally, click the trim switch on the radio to move the trim back to the center.
PC Alternatively, at the bottom of OUTPUTS screen of MODEL Menu, there is a line that says "Trims => Subtrims". Press [ENTER] here to copy the current settings of four trim switches together to the subtrims of the corresponding four channels.
PC On color display / touch panel models, this function is located at the top of "OUTPUTS" screen.

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