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[NEWS] DJI Avata 2 coming on April 11th? Will it be released in Japan?

DJI Avata 2
(April 11, 2024) As expected, it was released, also in Japan ( Official site)。 . The weight is slightly lighter than the previous model at 377 g, and the price is USD 999 for the Fly More Combo. However, since it is not sold as a set with DJI FPV Remote Controller 3, you will need to purchase Avata 2, Goggles 3, and Remote Controller 3 separately to enjoy the essential Manual mode.
(April 3, 2024) DJI has sent out a teaser email for what appears to be a new drone. According to this, it will be announced on April 11th at 09:00 EDT (22:00 JST). This teaser is also displayed on the Japanese DJI page, and it seems that it will be released in Japan as well.
(March 28, 2024) A photo of the box has been leaked. From the outside, it looks similar to a more common FPV drone, although it looks smaller than its predecessor. It has larger propellers for improved flight performance and is likely to be equipped with a 1/1.3-inch CMOS sensor. It can shoot 48M pixel photos and 4K videos, and is equipped with RockSteady 3.0+, HorizonSteady, and HorizonBalancing video stabilization technology.
Due to the low resolution of the photo, it is difficult to see the detailed specifications, but it seems that Japanese TELEC certification is not listed.
(March 19, 2024) DJI appears to be releasing the FPV drone Avata 2 soon. It appears that DJI Avata 2, DJI FPV Remote Controller 3, and RC Motion 3 joystick controller have been newly registered in the US FCC database. If you look at the leaked image of the label, you can also see the Japanese TELEC certification. At least DJI FPV Remote Controller 3 and RC Motion 3 joystick controller are likely to be released in Japan. As for Avata 2, the TELEC certification may be displayed on the label of the battery, not the drone. It is still unclear whether the drone will be released in Japan.

[NEWS] Walksnail Moonlight kit : digital Air unit capable of shooting 4K/60fps from CADDX now available

Walksnail Moonlight kit 4k/60FPS Startlight Camera
(January 17, 2024) CADDX has finally released the Air unit: Walksnail Moonlight kit, which is capable of 4K/60fps shooting, for the digital FPV system Walksnail. It also has a microSD card slot that supports up to 256GB. Also, as the product name suggests, it is equipped with a Startlight Camera that is resistant to darkness, allowing you to capture night scenes. The price is USD189.00 and it is on sale now.
However, it weighs 38.5g (excluding antenna), which is a bit heavy. It still seems difficult to assemble a drone with a takeoff weight of less than 100g. Especially in Japan, we are looking forward to the arrival of a lighter 4K compatible Air Unit.

[NEWS] Flywoo introducing FlyLens 85 HD, a digital FPV CineWhoop with a takeoff weight of less than 100g

Flywoo FlyLens 85 HD : Under 100g Digital FPV CineWhoop
(September 2, 2023) Flywoo has released the FlyLens 85 HD, an FPV drone compatible with digital FPV systems that has a takeoff weight of less than 100g depending on the configuration. Air unit is already built in, and there are many models including DJI O3 / O3 Lite without heatsink / wasp / Walksnail Avatar HD Pro / HD Zero, and analog. Battery is 2S, propeller size is 2" (WB 85mm?). Weight, excluding battery, is 91.0g for DJI O3, 85.4g for wasp, 70.0g for Walksnail Avatar, and 72.3g for HD Zero. It is difficult to achieve less than 100g for DJI and wasp version, but other models are likely to be less than 100g including 2S battery. The price including Air unit is USD 314.99 for Walksnail Avatar version, and HD Zero version is USD 304.99 (both receivers are ELRS versions).

[NEWS] Is DJI preparing a DJI mini 4 Pro or mini 3S?

DJI mini 4 Pro
(September 26, 2023) It was announced (DJI) as expected. Scheduled to ship around September 29th. The price is almost the same as DJI mini 3 Pro, USD759 with DJI RC-N2, USD959 with DJI RC2, and USD1,099 or 1,159 with the Fly More combo (with DJI RC2).
(September 20, 2023) Received an email from DJI announcing the official event. The product announcement will be on September 25th at 09:00 (EDT).
(September 12, 2023) The price has been leaked. The aircraft alone costs EU799, the version with DJI RC2 costs EU999, and the Fly more combo costs EU1129. It also weighs 249g, has a flight time of 34 minutes, and is capable of completely vertical shooting.
(September 5, 2023) Specifications and packaging photos have been leaked. The name is DJI mini 4 Pro. Equipped with omnidirectional obstacle detection function, 4K/100 fps video recording function, route flight function by specifying waypoints, etc. It seems that live video can be transmitted in full HD from a distance of 20 km.
(June 29, 2023) The world is talking about the appearance of DJI Air 3 , several photos have leaked that are allegedly showcasing the new DJI mini drone. We don't know anything about this product yet, but it's too early to call it an all-new mini 4, and some say it could be a mini 3S.

[NEWS] Digital FPV CineWhoop Pavo Pico with takeoff weight less than 100g is here

BETAFPV Pavo Pico : Under 100g Digital FPV CineWhoop
(May 27, 2023) BETAFPV has released Pavo Pico, an FPV drone with a takeoff weight of less than 100g and compatible with digital FPV systems . Air unit is sold separately and can be equipped with DJI O3 Air Unit or Caddx Vista, or newly released Walksnail Avatar HD Pro with 32GB memory. The battery is 2S, wheelbase is 80.8mm, and propeller size is 45mm. Weight is 71.2g for DJI O3 and 65.88g for Walksnail Avatar, excluding battery. Takeoff weights including 450mAh battery are 99.4g and 94.08g respectively. Price is USD 104.99 for DJI O3 version and USD 99.99 for Walksnail Avatar version (both receivers are ELRS versions).

[NEWS] DJI to release DJI mini 2 SE on February 9th?

DJI mini 2 SE ?
(April 10, 2023) It was also released in Japan.
(March 16, 2023) It has been released.
(February 10, 2023) Announced(DJI China) as expected. The specs were also as expected. The price is 2,388CNY (about 46,320JPY), and the Fly More Combo is 3,188CNY (about 61,838JPY) and will be released on March 22nd. However, it seems that it has not been announced in North America or Japan.
Note: To open the DJI China site, you must switch the region to China on the DJI website in advance.
(February 07, 2023) Many specifications such as the camera are almost the same as DJI Mini 2 currently on sale, weighing 249 grams, flight time 31 minutes, video transmission distance 10km. Some parameters such as video resolution 2.7K, maximum speed, ascending and descending rates, maximum bit rate, latency seem to be reduced. Also, although the price is unknown, it may be the successor model to the "MINI SE" released in 2021. In addition, there is a possibility that it will not be released in Japan, where the regulations of the Aviation Law are strict.

[NEWS] Dronetag released ultra-compact and lightweight Remote ID unit: DRI.

Drone Remote Identification Unit
(February 03, 2023) Dronetag , a company that handles drone flight management systems, has released an ultra-compact and lightweight Remote ID unit: Drone Remote Identification (DRI) unit. Currently, it supports US and EU Remote ID specifications, and plans to support F3411 or EN 4709-002 standards adopted in Japan and other countries in the near future.
The unit measures 16mm x 22.5mm and weighs 1.5 grams including the JST connector. 0.5 grams excluding the JST connector. There are two product variations: a model with a built-in antenna and a model with a U.FL connector for the antenna. Interface is UART (3.3 – 5V). Required power is 3.3 – 17V (1s - 4s). With the UART forwarding feature, you can even plug this device into an already used UART port. And the price is EUR49 (USD53.43/JPY6,880).
The free Dronetag app also allows users to manage their drones and remote ID devices. The app also comes with additional features such as airspace zones, flight planning, scanning for nearby drones, notifications for airspace hazards, and more.

[NEWS] Start accepting orders for HDZero FPV Goggles

HDZero digital FPV Goggles
(January 05, 2023) HDZero, which develops digital FPV systems , has finally started accepting orders for the rumored HDZero FPV Goggles . The price is USD 495.00.
HDZero FPV Goggles not only can display video at up to 1080p/90fps. It has an HDMI input and analog VRX mount (optional), so you can use for FPV drone simulator on your PC, flight with Walksnail Avatar : another digital FPV system, and traditional analog VTX drones.

[NEWS] DJI Adds Remote ID Function to FPV Drone Avata

DJI Avata
(December 09, 2022) DJI has added remote ID functionality to its FPV drone Avata in a firmware update. It also supports 10-bit color shooting and 4K/30fps, 2.7K/30fps, 1080p/30fps shooting. Regarding the remote ID function, it is essential to install it in drones that will be released after December 16th in North America as well as in Japan.

[NEWS] Non "Pro" DJI Mini 3 Coming Soon?

DJI Mini 3
(December 09, 2022) Released as expected. Fly More Combo Plus (included with DJI RC) is JPY132,990(USD858), and the aircraft alone is JPY65,120(USD469). Estimated delivery date: 2022/12/14.
(December 06, 2022) The release date is expected to be December 9th, and the Fly More Combo set with DJI RC is expected to be USD 859 (about 118,000 yen) and weigh less than 249g. It also doesn't seem to have obstacle detection.
(November 23, 2022) It seems that a new product named "DJI Mini 3" has been registered in FCC database. Details are still unknown, but it is expected to be a low-priced model with reduced functionality from " DJI Mini 3 Pro announced on May 10, 2022.

[NEWS] DJI announces models planned to support remote ID in Japan

DJI Remote ID compatible model
(May 31, 2022) In a news release for Japan , DJI announced a model that will support remote ID. The general-purpose models include DJI Mini 3 Pro, DJI Mavic 3 Series, DJI Air 2S, Mavic Air 2, DJI Mini 2, and DJI FPV. For these models, "We plan to support the built-in remote ID function in a future firmware update."
For models other than these, if you do not register with "Drone Registration System (DIPS-REG)" operated by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan by June 19, 2022, you will not be able to fly outdoors in Japan unless you get other remote ID device. Please be careful.

[NEWS] Insta360, DJI Air 2 / 2S dedicated 360 degree camera, Insta360 Sphere released in EU, US region

Insta360 Sphere
(May 25, 2022) Insta360 has released the Insta360 Sphere , a 360-degree camera dedicated to DJI Air 2 / 2S, in the Western market for USD 429.99 (about 48,800 yen).
(Before opening the Insta360 Sphere page, you need to switch the country and currency in the upper right corner of the screen to EU, US region like "United States" etc. on Insta360 online shop website .)
This is a drone-only 360-degree camera developed using the lens part and main board of the action camera Insta360 ONE RS that can shoot 360 degrees. With this camera, you can shoot 360-degree panoramic videos that do not show the drone itself.
With a maximum video resolution of 5760x2880 @ 30/25/24fps, a bit rate of 100Mbps, a photo resolution of 6080x3040, a weight of 192g, and a 1050mAh battery, you can shoot continuous 48 minutes of video. As with other Insta360 series cameras, you can use the Insta360 app and "Insta360 STUDIO" to minimize blurring using the image stabilization technology "FlowState".
Insta360 has released a number of small and lightweight cameras for FPV drones , such as Insta360 GO 2 , BETAFPV SMO 4K Camera and BETAFPV SMO 360 Camera . This product seems to be an arrangement of his BETAFPV SMO 360 Camera for the DJI Air 2 / 2S.

[NEWS] DJI launches FPV drone Avata that can be enjoyed indoors?

DJI Avata
(August 26, 2022) It was announced as expected at midnight on the 25th Japan time.
(August 19, 2022) The official announcement will be on August 25th. In addition, if the DJI website is set to Japanese, the product teaser page (https://www.dji.com/trailer) will not open, so there is a possibility that it will not be announced in Japan.
(August 09, 2022) The list of accessories written on the box has been leaked. It seems to include the new "DJI Goggles 2" and the "Motion Controller" that appeared as an option in the DJI FPV, while not the generic controller (maybe it depends on the SKU).
(Aug. 08, 2022) A clear picture of the DJI Avata aircraft and box have been leaked. It seems to be at least as big as the DJI Mini. It seems impossible to fly alone in Japan.
(July 27, 2022) It seems that it was registered in the FCC database under the name DJI Avata.
(May 21, 2022) DJI seems to be developing "DJI Avata," the second FPV drone following DJI FPV . This time it's a Whoop type drone, smaller than DJI FPV, and it seems that you can enjoy flying indoors. Also, the video shooting ability can be expected to be as good as DJI Mini 3 .
However, the size is 3 "(propeller diameter) and the takeoff weight is about 500g, so you can not fly alone under the Aviation Law (requires the presence of a visual observer), and it does not have Manual mode .
It is expected to go on sale around the summer of this year.

[NEWS] Lightweight camera for FPV drones from GoPro: HERO10 Black Bones released

GoPro HERO10 Black Bones
(April 13, 2022) In response to the recent aerial photography boom with FPV drones, GoPro has finally released a lightweight camera for Racing drones / FPV drones : HERO10 Black Bones. Like the HERO10, it can shoot up to 5.3K 60PFS videos, but weighs only 54g. Powered by 2S-6S battery on the drone. "Get the same 5.3K60 video and Emmy award-winning HyperSmooth stabilization of our best HERO camera in an ultra lightweight design that’s made specifically for FPV (First-Person View) drones. Weighing 54g, HERO10 Black Bones takes the core elements of the HERO10 Black imaging pipeline—lens, image sensor and GP2 processor—and packs them into a slim, well-ventilated enclosure that’s ready to fly."

[NEWS] Weighs 249g DJI Mini 3 Appeared in April 27thMay 10th 2022?

DJI Mini 3
(May 05, 2022) It seems that the release schedule will be May 5th 21:00 (Beijing time / Tokyo 22:00) teaser advertisement posted, May 10th 21:00 announcement and reservation acceptance start, May 17th release & shipping.
(April 29, 2022) High resolution photos of DJI Mini 3 Pro were leaked. Also, the release date seems to be May 10th.
(April 21, 2022) The detailed specifications of the DJI Mini 3 Pro have been leaked. The propeller is larger than the Mini 2, weighs 249g, has two types of batteries, and has a flight time of 34 minutes on the Intelligent Flight Battery and 47 minutes on the Intelligent Flight Battery Plus. However, with the Intelligent Flight Battery Plus installed, it weighs more than 250g. Video can be taken at 4K / 60fps and photos can be taken at 48MP RAW. You can also shoot 1080p / 120fps slow motion video. You can choose from two types of controllers: the same RC-N1 as the Mini2 and the new DJI RC with a display. It also has a shooting mode called "Master Shots" instead of the conventional "quick shot". Timelapse video can also be shot.
(April 14, 2022) The price is expected to be 3299 yuan (about 58,722 yen / USD517.91) for DJI Mini 3, 4999 yuan (about 88,983 yen / USD784.79) for Mini 3 Fly More Combo, and 6999 yuan (about 124,583 yen / USD1098.76) for Mini 3 DJI RC included. DJI Mini 3 Pro is 4299 yuan (about 76,522 yen / USD674.89), Mini 3 Pro Fly More Combo is 5999 yuan (about 106,783 yen / USD941.77), and Mini 3 Pro DJI RC bundled is 7999 yuan (about 142,383 yen / USD1255.75).
DJI Mini 3
(April 11, 2022) The release date is rumored to be April 27th or 28th.
(March 17, 2022) A video showing the package photo and housing of the DJI Mini 3, which is rumored to appear in April 2022, was leaked. There are two types, the Pro version and the regular version, and the regular version seems to weigh about 242g. Looking at these, it looks like they are one size smaller than DJI Mini 2 and Mavic Mini . However, there will never be a Japan version below Japan's 100g takeoff weight limit , which will be applied from June 2022.
Other currently leaked specifications include F1.7, 1 / 1.3-inch CMOS sensor, a camera / gimbal that also rotates upwards, camera supports portrait mode, 3-way obstacle detection, object tracking "Active Track" features, new controllers with screens, and more have been reported.

[NEWS] V-Coptr Falcon finally on Amazon.com

V-Coptr Falcon
(November 11, 2021) V-Coptr Falcon , a drone for aerial photography with a 2-rotor V-shaped body, which has not been released since it was announced in 2019, suddenly appeared on Amazon.com. It's price is $ 1,200 and already sold out. V-Coptr Falcon weighs 760g. A 4500 mAh battery ensures 50 minutes of flight time. Equipped with a 3-axis gimbal and 1 / 2.3 inch CMOS sensor, it can shoot 4k 30fps video and 12 megapixel still images.

[NEWS] Autel Robotics announces mini drone "Autel EVO Nano" weighing less than 250g on September 28th, scheduled to be released in early December

Autel Nano
(November 14, 2021) EVO Nano and EVO Lite are expected to ship in early December.
(September 29, 2021) Autel Robotics officially announces Nano, Nano + . The EVO Nano will be available in October for $ 649 and the Nano + for $ 799. Unfortunately, it seems that models weighing less than 200g for the Japanese market will not be prepared.
(September 27, 2021) Autel posted an article on its forum entitled FIRST LOOK: EVO Nano and EVO Lite, publishing the basic specifications for EVO Nano and EVO Lite. The EVO Nano weighs 249g, has a flight time of 30 minutes, and is equipped with a three-way obstacle avoidance function.
(September 18, 2021) According to a leak article, Autel Robotics is preparing a mini drone "Autel Nano" weighing less than 250g. The flight time is 30 minutes and the flight distance is more than 10km. It seems to be a competitive model of DJI MINI 2. At the same time, it seems that they are also preparing "Autel EVO Lite" to compete with DJI Air 2S.

[NEWS] "ANAFI AI" is now available from Parrot

(December 11, 2021) Reservation acceptance has started at some stores, and the price is USD 4,000.
(July 01, 2021) The pioneer of hobby drones, Parrot, has announced a whole new industrial drone, "ANAFI AI". Equipped with a movable sensor to avoid obstacles, camera mounted on double gimbal can shoot 48M Pixel 4K HDR 60FPS video. 6x digital zoom is also possible. And the biggest feature is that Wi-Fi and 4G LTE line are used seamlessly for control, and can make BVLOS: Beyond Visual Line of Sight (out-of-sight flight) far away. A 1080p 30fps live stream is available for the control.
It weighs 898 grams. Flight time is 32 minutes. Connect and control iPad mini or smaller smartphone to new SKY CONTROLLER 4.

[NEWS] "MINI SE" is now coming from DJI !?

DJI Air 2S
(January 18, 2022) It seems that Fly More Combo was released in the UK and EU for £ 379 (about 57,032 yen).
(August 11, 2021) It seems that it was released at Best Buy in the United States for USD 299.99.
(July 24, 2021) It seems that it was released in China for CNY 1,999 (USD309).
(July 01, 2021) MINI SE does not seem to be released in the US and EU (excluding Russia).
(June 04, 2021) It seems that a small drone "MINI SE" will appear from DJI. Sales have already started in Walmart in the United States. It looks almost the same as DJI Mini 2 , and has the same specs as Mavic Mini , which can shoot up to 2.7K video, weighs 249g in the US version, has a flight time of 30 minutes, and has a radio range of 2.5 Miles (4km). Also included controller may be the same as DJI Mini 2 (DJI RC-N1)? There is information that the price will be USD299 (about JPY33,000), and it seems that it will be USD100 or more cheaper than current Mavic Mini (JPY46,200 (USD399) / JPY59,400 (USD499)). It will be the successor to the Mavic Mini.

[NEWS] "Air 2S" was released by DJI on April 15, 2021

DJI Air 2S
As has been rumored for some time, DJI released DJI Air 2S (DJI) , the improved version of Mavic Air 2 , at 22:00 JST on April 15, 2021. Equipped with a 20M pixel 1-inch CMOS sensor, it can shoot video up to 5.4K 30fps. The takeoff weight is 595g. The maximum radio wave range is 12 km (FCC) / 8 km (CE / SRRC / MIC). The flight time reaches 31 minutes.
Already on April 10, 2021, Fly More combo was sold for USD 1299 at the Best Buy store in North Carolina, USA, and the specifications were leaked.
DJI - This Is Mavic Air 2
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[NEWS] DJI, FPV drone "Flash" released on March 2nd

DJI's FPV drone , which has been rumored for a long time since the latter half of 2020, is code-named "Flash" and the product name is "DJI FPV", and is announced on March 2, 2021 at DJI FPV official site . Takeoff weight is 795g, flight time is 20 minutes, and FOV142°4k60FPS video can be shot.
The price is USD1,299 for the DJI FPV Combo and USD739 for the drone alone.
In addition, since it is FPV drone weighs more than 250g, it cannot be flown alone, and visual observer must be present.

[NEWS] MLIT Japan is considering tightening weight regulations for drones, will it be enforced from 2022 at the earliest?

(2020/12/08) It has been a hot topic since the fall of 2020, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan is considering tightening the weight regulation of drones. It seems that they are considering reducing the weight regulation, which is currently set at 200g, to 100g. If it is established, it is highly likely that it will come into effect from 2022.

[NEWS] DJI announces "DJI Mini 2" for 4K recording, launches on the same day

DJI Mini 2
DJI announced "DJI Mini 2" compatible with 4K recording at 8:00 pm EST on November 4, 2020 (November 5, 2020 10:00 AM in Japan), and launched it on the same day. It is the successor model to the DJI Mavic mini , which became a hit product below the legal limit of 250 grams.
The size is almost the same as the previous model, 245 x 289 x 56 mm (including propeller), palm size that becomes 138 x 81 x 58 mm when folded, It weighs about 249 g (199 g for the Japanese model) and has a maximum flight time of about 31 minutes (about 18 minutes for the Japanese model), The maximum radio wave range is about 10km (previous model is 4km) (but 6km when using 2.4GHz in Japan), the maximum speed is about 58km / h (previous model is 47km / h), and GPS is installed. And with a 12-megapixel 1 / 2.3 ″ CMOS sensor, you can shoot 4K 24/25 / 30fps (also 2.7K 30fps and 1080p 60fps) video. It also supports zoom (4K: 2x, 2.7K: 3x, FHD: 4x). A new "boomerang" mode has also been added to the quick shots, allowing you to take panoramas (sphere, 180 °, wide-angle) with still images.
The remote control has been changed to the same as the Mavic Air 2 . Control with the "DJI Fly" app as before.
Reservation acceptance has started on the DJI official site on the same day, and as of 09:53 on November 05, shipping will be 7 to 10 days later. The price is USD 449.00 for the DJI Mini 2 alone and USD 599.00 for the Fly More Combo.
Regarding the appearance of "DJI Mini 2", the rumor began to flow from the end of September. Some of the US shops (Best Buy) were mistakenly pre-sold on October 28th, Unboxing video 1 (YouTube), Unboxing video 2 (YouTube), Unboxing video 3 (YouTube) are revealed.
DJI - Meet DJI Mini 2
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[NEWS] DJI announces Mavic Air 2

DJI Mavic Air 2
DJI announced the Mavic Air 2 (DJI) , which has been rumored for some time, at 09:30 PM on April 27, 2020 EST / 10:30 AM on April 28, 2020 JST.
Weight is 570g (too heavy !!), The maximum flight speed reaches 68.4 km / h and the maximum flight time reaches 34 minutes. Equipped with a 48-megapixel camera, it can shoot 8K resolution time-lapse video and 4K resolution 24 to 60 fps video. Equipped with Obstacle sensor: Advanced Pilot Assistance System (APAS) 3.0 and intelligent flight mode. The communication range reaches 6 km. The DJI Fly app is used to control it, just like the Mavic mini . And the price is USD 799.00 for aircraft only, USD 988.00 for the Fly More combo. Reservations will start from 10:30 AM on April 28, 2020. It will be shipped within 15 to 20 days (May 21st in Japan).

[NEWS] 2.7K video shooting mini-drone (DJI Mavic Mini) appeared from DJI with a weight of 199g / 249g

DJI - Introducing Mavic Mini
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DJI Mavic Mini
DJI Mavic Mini is a micro aerial drone announced by DJI on Wednesday, October 30, 2019 at 09: 00EDT.
The size is 245 x 290 x 55 mm (including propeller), and when folded size is palm size 140 x 82 x 57 mm. The weight is about 249 g (199 g for the Japanese model), and the maximum flight time is about 30 minutes (about 18 minutes for the Japanese model). The maximum radio wave range is about 4km (2km when using 2.4GHz), the maximum speed is about 47km / h, and it is equipped with GPS. And with a 12 million pixel 1 / 2.3 ”CMOS sensor, you can shoot video at 2.7K@30fps, 1080p @ 60fps.
The Japanese version with 1100 mA battery halves flight time, but weighs less than 200g, so the restrictions imposed by Japanese drone flight rules are also greatly relaxed.
(Note: When the propeller guard is installed, its weight will be over 250g / 200g)

[NEWS] AirSelfie AIR PIX with 52g full HD camera appeared

A mini drone "AIR PIX" equipped with a 1080p full HD camera and weighs only 52 grams appeared on Cloud Funding site : indiegogo on May 30, 2019. AirSelfie has released a mini drone "AirSelfie" equipped with a 720p camera in the past, and this is an upgraded version. This is a tripod-free flying selfie stick that specializes in selfie photo, not for aerial photography or maneuvering. The size is smaller than iPhone, and flight time is 6 minutes. flight distance is about 18.2m. The dedicated app has the ability to easily process and share photos and videos taken. The early application price is $ 79 (approx. 8,560 yen), and the indiegogo price is $ 89 (approx. 9,650 yen). It will be released around October 2019.   Share AIR PIX with FaceBook(indiegogo)   Share AIR PIX with Twitter(indiegogo)

[NEWS] Weight 120g, full HD camera & gimbal mounted Micro Drone 4.0 appeared

Micro Drone 4.0
Micro Drone 4.0 is an ultra-small aerial drone that appeared on Cloud Funding site : indiegogo on January 29, 2019.
The Micro Drone team has developed several small drones since 2011, but this time, which is the fourth generation, it has a 1080p full HD camera and 2 axis gimbal. Furthermore, since the video is stored in the SD card on the body, clear aerial video can be taken without disturbance of images in Wi-Fi transfer.
Visit What is a Micro Drone 4.0 page for more information.   Share Micro Drone 4.0 with FaceBook(indiegogo)   Share Micro Drone 4.0 with Twitter(indiegogo)

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