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Knowledge of antenna for FPV drones | Introduction to FPV drone for beginner

Here is a summary of basic information about VTX antennas for Tiny Whoop / FPV drone for beginners.

Knowledge of antenna for FPV droness

BetaFPV Meteor65 HD with antenna replaced with RHCP circularly polarized
Tiny Whoop Video Transmitter (VTX) antenna come in a variety of shapes and can be replaced as long as the connector type matches. However, there are linear (Vertical / horizontal) polarization and circular polarization in the vibration direction of electromagnetic waves, and if polarization directions do not match between Radio and receiver, sensitivity will decrease. Since the attitude and direction of a drone constantly change, it can be said that circularly polarized antennas are more suitable for transmitter (VTX) than linearly polarized antennas.
A linearly polarized antenna becomes vertically polarized when it is erected vertically, and horizontally polarized when it is extended horizontally. In addition, there are structurally two types of Circularly polarized antennas. "RHCP (Right Hand Circular Polarization)" and "LHCP (Left Hand Circular Polarization)". When using circularly polarized antennas, both the transmitting and receiving sides must be aligned either Right Hand or Left Hand.

Connector type

All of them are often used as antenna members for Wi-Fi wireless LAN in the 5GHz band, and cables and conversion connectors can also be purchased from Amazon.
SMA Connector
SMA antenna connector
There is a pin in the center of the male socket (antenna side) and a hole in the center of the female socket (drone / goggles side) to receive it.
RP-SMA Connector
RP-SMA antenna connector
There is a hole in the center of the male socket (antenna side) and a pin in the center of the female socket (drone / goggles side).
U.FL ( IPEX / IPX ) Connector
U.FL ( IPEX / IPX ) antenna connector
Compared to SMA and RP-SMA, it is very small and has no strength, so it is not suitable for repeated insertion and removal. It is often used to mount the antenna directly on the board for small Tiny Whoops.
MMCX Connector
MMCX connector
Generally, it is mainly used for connection with cables of high-end earphones. In FPV drones, it is sometimes used in digital FPV systems .