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Welcome to our web site. It is a website that publishes hobby information using Aircrafts and Travel as a key word.
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About the domain name and SNS accounts of this site

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Our various kinds of works cooperated with paid / free using contents of this website.
Spring.2019 SANSEIDO Books
Book“月へ―人類史上最大の冒険” 2019/6/10 JPY3,888
Japanese translation version of book Missions to the Moon. This apollomaniacs cooperated with publishing through technical review, such as confirmation of technical terms, materials. It is a book that you can enjoy the history of space development centered on Apollo from Jules Verne to Von Braun, with maniac topics, along with abundant photographs and illustrations.
Winter.2012 BANDAI
OTONA NO CYOGOKIN Apollo 13 and SaturnV Launch Vehicle 2013/07 JPY54,600
Following the Apollo 11, Apollo Maniacs worked for supervise this project.
Summer.2012 KODANSYA/OFFICE303
SPACE(KODANSYA'S Moving Picture book "MOVE") 2012/11/17 JPY2,100
Apollo Maniacs provide one cut CG of the Apollo spacecraft.
Spring.2011 TOHO movies
Live-action version: movie "Space Brothers" 2012/05/05
The film adaptation of the popular comic starring Oguri Shun, Okada Masaki. Apollo Maniacs was offered the materials, such as depictions of the launch of the rocket. And check the script.
Spring.2009 BANDAI
BANDAI OTONANO CYOGOKIN Apollo 11 and SaturnV Launch Vehicle Scale:1/144 Release:2010/3/25 JPY52,500
In Tokyo Toy Show 2009 (Jul.16-19 2009), BANDAI made an announcement of 1/144 Apollo 11 and SaturnV Launch Vehicle Scale Model. And in Comic-Con 2009(Jul.23-26 2009), it was made initial appearance in the US. BANDAI was making "CYOGOKIN" series Super Robot Animation character toys that was made by die-cast for a long time. And now, "OTONA NO CYOGOKIN", Fine scale model series for Adults is started. Apollo 11 and SaturnV Launch Vehicle was selected for it's first item.
ApolloManiacs worked for supervise this project.
2007 Spring Sansai books
Summarizes the 200 page 23 Part leaflet the fan is highly valued, followed by the addition of newly written a new manuscript, The catalog "Royal Science Museum" was compiled as The Book of Permanent preservation.
2006 Spring Asahi newspaper
As a site that will help when the elementary and junior high school students to learn, APOLLO MAIACS was introduced in the book:Asahi Junior Encyclopedia Yearbook 2006.
2005 Fall Byakuya shobo books
Timeslip puzzle nostalgic showa version 2005/10 JPY680
Crossword puzzle book deal with Showa Period. In the chapter "Fly Me to the Moon: Apollo Plan and History of Space Pioneer" We provided photos and materials from ApolloManiacs and wrote articles.
2005 Summer: Black&Decker / MP Pertner
35th anniversary display for Apollo 15 (Apollo scale models and informations) at Black&Decker booth of JAPAN DIY HOMECENTER SHOW 2005. Black&Decker made codeless drill for Apollo 15 moon prospecting.
2004 Summer SHAFT
It is a fantasy comic about the cute vampire girl 'Hazuki' which has a hard suspense, and a pretty Moe story. 2 cuts of Apollo CG for TV animation "Tsukuyomi -MOONPHASE-" opening movie.
2003 Summer World Photo Press / MONO MAGAZINE editorial department
Posted a special feature article of Apollo with a tie-up with the "Royal Science Museum Star Tales (STARTALES)" series. ApolloManiacs has provided 3DCG of all CSM launched for this article.
2002 Spring Will Alliance/Japan Science And Technology Agency
Contents CG and Apollo documents holdout for Web Virtual Science Center "Return to the Moon".
"Return to the Moon"(Already closed:http://jvsc.jst.go.jp/universe/luna/index.html)
2001 Summer Apogee Components
We provided illustrations for assembly explanation CD-ROM of Saturn V model that can be launched with explosives. We provided 3DCG for each stage and 4 panoramic views.


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Computer development engineer. He has a wide range of experience from central processing unit (CPU) hardware development for large computers to various IT equipment development and system construction for companies. He was also involved in the BIOS development of a certain Japanese national computer and the 3D graphic engine development of a certain company's last home game console . He is currently retired and his hobby is posting technical information articles on this Web site.
Website activity policy
On this website, when I, the administrator, find a product or service that I personally like, I thoroughly research it and create an in-depth article. Basically, all of the products are products that I have acquired with my own money, but there are also a small number of products that have been kindly provided by manufacturers.