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DJI Mini 2 instructions. 4K aerial video mini drone weighing 249g

DJI Mini 2 is a mini drone with a 3-axis gimbal that weighs only 249 grams and can capture 4K resolution video. announced at 20:00 (EDT) on November 4, 2020 by DJI (Da Jiang Innovations Science and Technology), now a major manufacturer of drone / video related devices.
Alert regarding Japanese aviation law
Since this aircraft has a takeoff weight of 100g or more, it is subject to the " Flight Rules for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles " in Japan. Additionally, after purchase, you will need to register with the Drone Registration System . See below for details.

What is DJI Mini 2

DJI - Meet DJI Mini 2
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DJI Mini 2
DJI announced "DJI Mini 2" compatible with 4K recording at 8:00 pm EST on November 4, 2020 (November 5, 2020 10:00 AM in Japan), and launched it on the same day. It is the successor model to the DJI Mavic mini , which became a hit product below the legal limit of 250 grams.
The size is almost the same as the previous model, 245 x 289 x 56 mm (including propeller), palm size that becomes 138 x 81 x 58 mm when folded, It weighs about 249 g (199 g for the Japanese model) and has a maximum flight time of about 31 minutes (about 18 minutes for the Japanese model), The maximum radio wave range is about 10km (previous model is 4km) (but 6km when using 2.4GHz in Japan), the maximum speed is about 58km / h (previous model is 47km / h), and GPS is installed. And with a 12-megapixel 1 / 2.3 ″ CMOS sensor, you can shoot 4K 24/25 / 30fps (also 2.7K 30fps and 1080p 60fps) video. It also supports zoom (4K: 2x, 2.7K: 3x, FHD: 4x). A new "boomerang" mode has also been added to the quick shots, allowing you to take panoramas (sphere, 180 °, wide-angle) with still images.
In addition, firmware Ver01.02.0100 supports 2.7k max 60fps and max 2x zoom shooting of photos released in January 2021.
The remote control has been changed to the same as the Mavic Air 2 . Control with the "DJI Fly" app as before.
Reservation acceptance has started on the DJI official site on the same day, and as of 09:53 on November 05, shipping will be 7 to 10 days later. The price is USD 449.00 for the DJI Mini 2 alone and USD 599.00 for the Fly More Combo.
Regarding the appearance of "DJI Mini 2", the rumor began to flow from the end of September. Some of the US shops (Best Buy) were mistakenly pre-sold on October 28th, Unboxing video 1 (YouTube), Unboxing video 2 (YouTube), Unboxing video 3 (YouTube) are revealed.
(Note: When the propeller guard is installed, its weight will be over 250g / 200g)

Shooting example with DJI Mini 2

You can shoot aerial videos like these.
Suehiro Bridge - The only active railway bridge that can be moved
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Japan's first Antarctic observation ship "Soya"
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Drone shooting Odaiba Gundam Unicorn 4K
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Drone aerial view MavicMini Saipan Aqua Resort Club
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DJI Mini 2 product introduction

DJI Mini 2 Fly More Combo Box This is DJI Mini 2 Fly More Combo box. Japanese version has the notation "199g" (bottom right of the box). Behind is Mavic Mini box. The box has become smaller because the propeller guard is sold separately.
DJI Mini 2 Fly More Combo Package included A set of items included in the Fly More Combo. Everything can be stored in the carrying bag.
All connectors for the controller, charger and drone have been changed from USB mini-B to USB Type-C. You can use a commercially available USB Type-C to Lightning cable to connect your iPhone to the controller.
Battery compatibility
DJI Mini 2 and Mavic Mini battery compare (JP version) Comparison of Mavic Mini and DJI Mini 2 batteries. JP (Japan) version batteries has exactly the same shape and as hardware, they are compatible with each other. That is, I was able to start DJI Mini 2 with Mavic Mini's battery and Mavic Mini with DJI Mini 2's battery.
But, when I tried to fly Mavic Mini with DJI Mini 2 battery, I was unable to take off with a warning that battery version was different. Conversely, it was possible to fly DJI Mini 2 with Mavic Mini's battery. This situation may change with future firmware updates.
However, DJI Mini 2 International version battery has a slightly larger cross-sectional shape, which makes it difficult to use it for Mavic Mini. It is possible to do the opposite.
DJI Mini 2 and Mavic Mini compare Comparison with Mavic Mini (left). On the outside, there is only a difference between the presence or absence of LED at the tip of the nose, letters "MINI2" written on the arm, and letters "4K" written on the camera. In the International version, design of propeller has been changed, and color of line at the tip of the propeller has been changed to orange.
DJI Mini 2 nose close-up A close-up of DJI Mini 2 nose. It features an LED at the nose.
The black holes on the left and right of the forehead (?) are vents. This was a decoration on Mavic Mini.
DJI Mini 2 with Propeller guard Propeller guard is compatible with Mavic Mini. However, International version does not support DJI genuine propeller guard, probably because body size is different.
Convert aerial video by DJI Mini 2 to 3DCG model in Meshroom and display in blender With free software called Meshroom, you can generate 3DCG objects from aerial videos shot with drone. See below for details.
DJI Mini 2 Drone Unboxing to first flight
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DJI Mini 2 price and release date

Reservations have been accepted on the DJI official site from 20:00 EDT on November 4, 2020. Bookings made as of 09:53 on November 05 will ship 7-10 days later in Japan. The price is USD449.00(59,400JPY) for DJI Mini 2 and USD599.00(79,200JPY) for Fly More Combo set.
  • DJI Mini 2

    DJI November 4, 2020 USD449.00

    Included items: DJI Mini 2 main unit, controller, gimbal protector, 1x battery, 1 set of spare propeller, various charging / connection cables, 1 set of 2 spare control sticks, 2 spare screws (6), screwdriver

    Buy at Amazon.com(US) Buy at Amazon.co.uk(UK)

  • DJI Mini 2 Fly More Combo

    DJI November 4, 2020 USD599.00

    Included items: DJI Mini 2 main unit, controller, gimbal protector, 3x batteries, 2WAY charging hub, Shoulder bag, DJI 18W USB charger, 3 set of spare propellers, various charging / connection cables, spare control stick 1 set (2), spare screws (18), screwdriver

    Buy at Amazon.com(US) Buy at Amazon.co.uk(UK)

  • DJI Fly

    DJI Photo / Video Free

    It is a control application for DJI Mini 2 drone. The DJI Fly app is designed to make it easy for anyone to fly a drone. Intuitive interface and spacious camera view. An easy-to-understand flight tutorial that allows you to quickly master flight operations. A search function that allows you to see a good-looking flight location and nearby GEO areas. Advanced editing features including various tools and templates that can be edited and shared immediately.

  • DJI Care Refresh One year ( for DJI Mini 2 )

    DJI November 4, 2020 USD49.00

    Accident compensation service. Provides two replacement units for a small additional charge in one year and covers a wide variety of accidents, giving you greater peace of mind. One of the following conditions must be met. Newly purchased and unactivated product / Aircraft within 96 hours of activation or product repaired at Gimbal / DJI After-Sales Service Center (within 72 hours after receiving notification of service purchase after repair completed)

    Buy at Amazon.com(US) Buy at Amazon.co.uk(UK)

  • DJI Select membership

    DJI May 14, 2020 USD49.00

    This is a premium membership service. Enjoy member-only benefits and special offers such as priority shipping, birthday benefits, and quick repairs. Other product discounts and campaign discounts are available. You can purchase it 15 days after you receive your DJI product.

    Buy at DJI Official Store

DJI Mini 2 compatible smartphone

DJI Mini 2 compatible smartphones are the iPhone series upgraded to iOS 10.0 or later, or the Android smartphone upgraded to Android 6.0 or later. Specific model names are listed at the bottom of the DJI Fly app's official site(DJI) in the “Compatibility”section.
However, according to the DJI Mini 2 specifications , iOS 11.0 or later is required for the iPad / iPhone series.

DJI Mini 2 model number

There are two types of DJI Mini 2: International version equipped with 2250 mAh battery and flight time 31 minutes, and JP (Japan) version with 1065 mAh battery and flight time 18 minutes to keep the takeoff weight to less than 200 g. Both transmitters support both 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz, but 5.8GHz cannot be selected depending on the location of use. Pilots need to be careful because the frequency of 5.8 GHz cannot be used in Japan (including Russia, Israel, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, etc.).
Version International JP
Destination North America / China / Europe Japan
Drone model number MT2PD MT2JD
Takeoff Weight Less than 249 g ( 242 g ) 199 g
Controller DJI RC-N1
model number
Supported frequency 2.400-2.4835 GHz, 5.725-5.850 GHz 2.400-2.4835 GHz
(Automatic switching according to the place of use)
Supported standards of the controller FCC(North America), SRRC(China), CE(Europe), MIC/CE(Japan)
Included battery 2250 mAh (LiPo 2S) 1065 mAh (LiPo 2S)
Flight in Japan Subject to therevised Aviation Law. Not subject to therevised Aviation Law.

DJI Mini 2 charging time and usable time

Charging time Usable time
Controller (DJI RC-N1) 240 min. Max 6 hours
(There is a device charging function)
Battery (2250 mAh) 82 min. 31 min.
(When flying at 17 km / h in no wind)
Battery (1065 mAh) 50 min. 18 min.
(When flying at 17 km / h in no wind)
(Charge time is when using 18W USB charger supports Quick Charge 2.0)
The battery is equipped with an automatic discharge function. If not used for a day, it will be automatically discharged to about 96%. If not used for 5 days, it will be automatically discharged to about 72%. However, the battery may heat up during automatic discharge.
If the battery will not be used for more than 10 days, it is recommended to discharge the battery manually (let it fly) until the battery level between 39% to 75%. Also, when transporting the battery, it is recommended to manually discharge it so that the battery level is less than 30%. It is also recommended to charge the battery once every three months even if it will not be used for a long period of time.
When the voltage of each cell is less than 3.0V or the remaining capacity is less than 10%, the battery goes into hibernation mode to prevent over-discharging. After charging, it will return from hibernation mode.

MicroSD card for DJI Mini 2

About speed standards

The maximum bit rate of DJI Mini 2 camera is about 100Mbps. As listed in the recommended SD card list on the DJI official site , UHS Class 3 (U3), Video Class 30 (V30), UHS-I or higher performance is required to record 4K video. Prepare a microSD card with the (U3) logo.

About capacity standards

DJI Mini 2 supports capacities from 16GB to 256GB. For video capacity, it is assumed that 4K-30fps will be about 700MB per minute. 4K video for one battery (31 minutes) is about 22GB in total, with 3 batteries (93 minutes), the total will be about 65GB. It looks good to have an SD card that supports the SDXC or SDUC standard with a minimum of 64GB, preferably 128GB or 256GB.
Japanese first Antarctic observation ship "Soya"
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