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Build your own gate for FPV drone racing

Self-made FPV drone race gate
I made my own race gates / poles (flags) for FPV drone practice. I used only the materials I got at the 100-yen shop (One doller shop) and the wires and screws I had on hand. The cost per pole (flag) is about 250 yen (USD 1.60).

Introducing Commercial Gates/Flags for FPV Drone Racing

First of all, I will introduce gates/flags for FPV drone racing on the market.
  • BETAFPV Arch Gate

    BETAFPV $20.99 USD

    Several improvements are made on the BETAFPV arch gate. Extra loopholes are added to allow LED strip to go through and tricot fabric is also used, which makes the gate lighter.

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  • BETAFPV Race Flag

    BETAFPV $24.99 USD

    BETAFPV Race Flag+LED Strip Light=Perfect Choice for FPV Race This match can not only be a visual marker on the race but also give you amazing visual effects.

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  • BETAFPV Racing Circle Gates (4 PCS)

    BETAFPV $26.99 USD

    Add the LED strip to your cart to create an amazing visual effect on a racing event.

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How to make your own gate/flag

PC This time I created three poles (flags). The height is about 60 cm (plus the thickness of the base). By passing a stick between two poles, it becomes a gate. The material of the pole is soft, so even if the drone hits it, there is almost no damage.
PC This photo shows a list of materials and tools.
The round white object on the upper left is a saucer (30cm in diameter) for the flowerpot that will be used as the base. In it are the leftover wood screws I had at home and the tape measure I used to measure the length of the parts. The right of it is a wooden round bar that serves as a support. A set of two sticks with a length of about 45 cm (17.7 in) and a diameter of 1.5 cm (0.6 in) was 100 yen (USD 0.7). Cut it in two in the middle with a saw. The red stick on the right is a 120cm (47.2 in) long polyethylene foam cylinder called "pool stick". This is what you use to hold onto and play with in the pool. Cut this in two in the middle with a cutter.
Below are the tools. A saw, an awl, a cutter, and a Phillips screwdriver.
PC Use an awl to make a hole in the center of the flowerpot saucer, and tighten a wooden round bar with a hole in the center with a wood screw. The FPV racing pole is completed by inserting a "pool stick" cut in half into a wooden round bar.
PC To make a gate, thread a piece of wire through the "pool stick" so that it can be inserted into the pole.

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