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How to use function switches

Here, we will introduce how to use the function switches of OpenTX / EdgeTX radio.

What are function switches?

Jumper T-Pro Function Switch
On the front panel of recent radios that support OpenTX / EdgeTX, there are products with 6 buttons as shown in the figure. These switches are called "function switches". Unlike other switches on the radio, function switches are completely software controlled. Different behavior can be set for each "MODEL" set in the radio.
Set the behavior on SETUP screen of "MODEL menu" and assign the function on INPUTS screens and MIXES screens .

How to set function switches

Function switches' behavior are specified in "Function Switches" field on [SETUP] screen of "MODEL Menu". "SW1" to "SW6" fields specify the behavior of each of six buttons. The settings screen for each switch has four fields shown below.


The first field displayed as "---" in the figure is the name specification field. You can give each switch any name with 3 letters.


The second field, labeled "Toggle" or "2POS" in the figure, is type specification field. Specifies the behavior when the switch is pressed. You can choose from following three.
Type of Function Switch
Type Description
None This switch will be disabled.
Toggle It turns on only while this switch is pressed. It turns off when you release your finger from the switch.
2POS Each time you press the switch, it switches between ON and OFF.

Group number

The third field displayed as "-", "1", and "2" in the figure is the group number specification field. Not only can the six function switches be used individually, but multiple switches can be used in groups. A switch with a "-" in this field can be turned ON / OFF as an independent switch that is not included in any group. Switches with either "1"-"3" specified in this field are included in the "group" with the specified number. Groups can be made up of three, numbers "1" to "3".
For switches in the same group, only the last pressed switch will be turned on.
Behavior of each switch in "group" is specified in "Group type" below.

Group type

The fourth field, which has a check box in the figure, is the group type specification field. There are following two types of "group type".
Type of Group
Type Check Description
Always On Only the last switch pressed is always on. Not all switches in the group can be turned off.
Regular You can turn it off by pressing the last pressed (turned ON) switch again. You can turn off all the switches in the group.

How to specify the initial value of function switches

In the "Start" field under "SW6", you can specify the initial value of each switch when MODEL is loaded. You can choose from the following three.
By specifying "↑" for multiple switches included in "group", it is possible to turn on multiple switches at the same time only by the initial value.
Start type of Function Switch
Setting Behavior Description
= Restore The last state when it was used last time is inherited.
Active The switch turns ON.
Inactive The switch turns OFF.

How to set function switches on your computer

Function switches can also be set using OpenTX / EdgeTX Companion. In the model editing screen, specify them in "Function Switches" field on "Setup" tab. You can specify exactly the same parameters as described above.

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