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What is a Micro Drone 4.0

It is a mini drone weight just 120 grams, carrys 1080p full HD camera and gimbal. このページを日本語で見る

Overview and Features

Micro Drone 4.0
Micro Drone 4.0 is an ultra-small aerial drone that appeared on Cloud Funding site : indiegogo on January 29, 2019.
The Extreme Fliers has developed several small drones since 2011, but this time, which is the fourth generation, it has a 1080p full HD camera and 2 axis gimbal. Furthermore, since the video is stored in the SD card on the body, clear aerial video can be taken without disturbance of images in Wi-Fi transfer. Because the weight is less than 200 g, it is not subject to the restriction of Japanese drone flight rules (aviation law). Although GPS will not be installed, it will be equipped with Return To Home function by image recognition. Of course, they also plan to acquire the certification of wireless devices necessary for flights in Japan and other countries. The optional battery is available starting at 5/20, and one for USD25 for backers. They are also planning to develop propeller guards, carrying cases, various repair parts, and will be made public to backers in the future.   Share Micro Drone 4.0 with FaceBook(indiegogo)   Share Micro Drone 4.0 with Twitter(indiegogo) Introduction of Micro Drone 4.0(indiegogo) Remote control application page for Micro Drone 4.0(indiegogo) Micro Drone official site(Extreme Fliers) Find the Micro Drone series(Amazon.com)

Price and Release schedule

For Cloud Funding's backer as a perk, mass production will start around June 2019, and distribution will start about three months later.. Initially it was offered at $ 120 (about 13,000 yen), but the current offer price is $ 145 (about 16,000 yen). You can also select two sets of $ 275 (about 30,000 yen), 5 sets $ 675 (about 75,000 yen), 10 sets $ 1299 (about 145,000 yen). A shipping cost ($ 20 worldwide) and customs duties are expected to be added to this. Although this crowdfunding project was originally planned to close reception on March 1, the campaign will be extended due to its high popularity, and it is expected to continue until the end of March.
In addition, general release is planned around October 2019, and the price is expected to be less than $ 200 (about 22,000 yen).

Stretch goal

The indiegogo campaign plans to implement the following three as a stretch goal in the case of a large investment.
No.1:Professional Remote Control Handset
Target amount $500,000 : Already reached. It is development of professional-oriented optional remote controller. Using this, the radio wave reaching distance extends 700 feet (about 200 meters), which is exceptional as a very small drone. Also, many functions of professional orientation will be included. Backers can apply for $ 75 (about 8,400 yen). In general release, it is expected to be sold for $ 150 (about 17,000 yen). Remote control application page for Micro Drone 4.0(indiegogo)
No.2:Neurala AI tracking
Target amount $750,000 : Already reached. In cooperation with Neurala's image processing technology, functions described below will be integrated. This is a feature built into all products, no additional payment required.
No.3:MFi Integration
Target amount $1,500,000 : not reached. It is planned to have a function to importing video images taken by Drone directly into smart phone, and relay broadcasting with FaceBook Live / YouTube Live. This is also a feature built into all products, no additional payment is required.
MFi means Made For iPhone / iPad / iPod, It means to officially register as an authenticated accessory of Apple iPhone series. Android machines do not need special certification to develop this feature, but iPod / iPad / iPhone can not implement this feature without MFi certification. What is MFi authentication?(japanese)

Professional Remote Control Handset

Micro Drone 4.0
As with other commercially available drones, Micro Drone 4.0 can be controlled via Wi-Fi connection using an application installed on a smartphone or tablet. But for severe control you still need a controller with a joystick. With Micro Drone 4.0, it is expected that many of the controllers provided by other companies (those that connect with the smartphone via Bluetooth) can also be used, The correspondence list will be announced shortly.
And the Micro Drone team decided to develop this Professional Remote Control for more professional users. Although it is said that many functions of professional orientation as below will be included, details are unknown now. Details will be announced soon from the Micro Drone team.
Customization Features
Extended the range (flying up to 700ft), dual patch antennas, rumble feedback, smartphone integration, gimbal wheel, in-built rechargeable battery, and more that allows Micro Drone 4.0 pilots to get the experience of using a professional drone.
Professional Features
Ability to customize your buttons via our app to allow you to assign different functions such as switching between modes 1-4, activating smart shot maneuvers, and quickly shooting a video.
Comfortable Design
Lastly, our controller has also been ergonomically designed to sit comfortably in the palm of your hands with all controls in easy reach.

Neurala AI tracking

Achieved with the stretch goal No. 2. Various intelligent flight modes using Neurala's image recognition technology will be installed.
360° Orbit
Circle selected point of interest and auto-rotate alignment focus on a central focal point.
Follow Me
Tracks and automatically follow users at custom programmable distances and altitudes.
Cable Cam
Reverses drone orientation to fly aircraft backward from launch location as flies away.
Land on Hand
Visually searches for a human hand to initiate landing in hand with extended palm.
Sideways Dolly
Mimics its flight path sideways to recreate traditional wheeled camera dolly track.
Return Home
One tap flight instruction to autonomously navigate to initial to take-off location.
Gesture Controls
Teaches aircraft to recognize hand/arm movements to initiate flight maneuvers.
Neurala Official site


Because it is still in the prototype stage, there are uncertain specifications. Moreover, it may be changed in the future. Currently, from the point of price, weight, etc., it does not have GPS, but since there are many requests, they are considering built it in.
Micro Drone 4.0 Specification
Enclosureresin/carbon composite materials
Size4.7 x 4.7 x 1.6 inch
( about 12 x 12 x 4 cm )
Weight4.2 oz
( about 119 gram )
CameraMade by SONY, 1/2.3" CMOS image sensor, F2.6, 12M or 5M pixels(under consideration), 110-degree field of view, two axis mechanical gimbal
(They use a 5M pixel sensor in the demo movie)
Video1080p (1920 x 1080 pixel Full HD) 30fps, Video buffer starts recording 10 sec before you press record
PhotoRAW, Panorama, Burst, Timelapse, and more
Micro SD card sloton board ( for record videos and photos )
MicroprocessorQualcomm Based
SensorsIMU(inertial measurement unit), Gyro/Accelerometer, Barometric Air Pressure Sensor, Downward Facing Optical Flow Camera
Motorbrushed motor, Interchangeable if failed
BatteryTwo-cell 7.4v high-performance Li-Po battery with 1200mAh capacity weighs 26g, easy hot swapping using its quick release design
ChargingPower supply via micro USB cable connected to the drone body or directory to battery, use USB-AC adapter, 45 minutes is required for full charge
Flight timeabout 12 minutes
Radio wave range400 ft ( about 122 m ) / 700 ft ( about 213 m ) with Professional Remote Control Handset
Altitude limitSame as radio wave range
Max speed30 mph ( about 48.28 km/h)
ControllerSmartphone / tablet installed free app(Wi-Fi), Third-party controllers and optional controllers can also be used ( Bluetooth connection with smartphone )
FPV gogglesCorrespond with screen display of app, using VR goggles for smartphones
( As of now, there is no plan to support dedicated goggles / commercial goggles )
in the BoxMicro Drone 4.0, 1 x Rechargeable Li-Po Battery, 1 x Battery Charger
(Carrying case, propeller guard, additional batterys and propellers are under consideration)
Option partsUnder consideration : A lineup similar to the previous Micro Drone series will be prepared
(Replacement propellers, motors, batteries and other repair parts)

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