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DJI FPV Drone Description and Specifications

Alert regarding Japanese aviation law
Since this aircraft has a takeoff weight of 100g or more, it is subject to the " Flight Rules for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles " in Japan. Additionally, after purchase, you will need to register with the Drone Registration System . See below for details.

What is DJI FPV Drone

DJI announced DJI's first FPV drone , which has been rumored for some time, was announced as " DJI FPV (DJI) " and was released at the same time, at 09:00 AM on March 2, 2021 EST / 11:00 PM on March 2, 2021 JST.
It has a maximum flight speed of 140 km / h (87 mph), and maximum flight time 20 minutes. Since takeoff weight is 795g, a visual observer is required for flights. As a VTX, the DJI FPV Air Unit digital FPV system is installed. FOV 142 degree or 150 degree 4k60 FPS video can be shot. New dedicated controller supports 2.4GHz / 5.8GHz band, and maximum transmission distance is 10km (6.2 mi) (FCC) / 6km (3.7 mi) (under Japanese and other regulations). FPV goggles (DJI FPV Goggles V2) also support 2.4GHz / 5.8GHz band, and receive FPV images in low delay mode: 810p / 120fps and high quality mode: 810p / 60fps 50Mbps. FPV goggles are also equipped with a DVR function and can record in H.264 / MP4 format.
It also has an "Emergency Brake and Hover" feature that allows you to hover with Self-leveling when you lose control. A DJI motion controller (DJI) (USD199) that can be controlled with one hand is also available as an option.
There are three flight modes , "N (Normal)" mode, which allows self-leveling flight like previous DJI drones, and two "M (Manual)" mode, which is unique to FPV drones. In N mode, even a 4-year-old girl can fly (dronedj) with stability. On the other hand, there are two types of M mode, the "M Mode Attitude Limit" mode (so-called Angle mode ), which limits the attitude, and the mode equivalent to so-called Acro mode , which allows you to take a free attitude, which becomes effective by canceling the restriction. In both cases, FPV beginners will crash if they do not operate after sufficient practice with a simulator or TinyWhoops .
The DJI Fly app is used to control it, just like the Mavic mini
In addition, since it is FPV drone weighs more than 250g, it cannot be flown alone, and visual observer must be present.
DJI - Introducing DJI FPV
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DJI FPV Price and Release Date

Reservations will be accepted on DJI official website from March 2, 2021, 09:00 (US) / 23:00 (JP). The price is USD1,299 for the DJI FPV Combo and USD739 for the drone alone.

    DJI 2021/03/02 USD739.00

    Weight:795g/ Maximum resolution:4K 60fps/ Flight time:20 min. DJI's first FPV drone. Immersive Flight Experience. 4K/60fps Super-Wide 150° FOV. 10km HD Low-Latency Video Transmission. Brand-New S Mode. Emergency Brake and Hover.

    Buy at Amazon.com(US) Buy at Amazon.co.uk(UK)

  • DJI FPV Combo

    DJI 2021/03/02 USD1,299.00

    Included items: DJI FPV drone, transmitter, DJI FPV goggles V2, goggles antenna band foam pad, 1 drone battery, 1 goggles battery, AC power adapter, gimbal protector, 1 pair of spare propellers, top Shell, various charging / connection cables, 1 set of spare control sticks (2)

    Buy at Amazon.com(US) Buy at Amazon.co.uk(UK)

  • DJI Motion Controller

    DJI 2021/03/02 USD199.00

    Experience immersive flight like never before with the DJI Motion Controller, which allows the aircraft to maneuver based on your natural hand motions.

    Buy at Amazon.com(US) Buy at Amazon.co.uk(UK)

  • DJI Fly

    DJI Photo / Video Free

    It is a control application for DJI Mavic Mini drone. The DJI Fly app is designed to make it easy for anyone to fly a drone. Intuitive interface and spacious camera view. An easy-to-understand flight tutorial that allows you to quickly master flight operations. A search function that allows you to see a good-looking flight location and nearby GEO areas. Advanced editing features including various tools and templates that can be edited and shared immediately.

  • DJI Care Refresh (for DJI FPV)

    DJI 2021/03/02 USD199.00

    Accident compensation service. For a small additional fee, we offer a product replacement service up to twice a year. It covers various accidents and can be used with greater peace of mind. One of the following conditions must be met. Newly purchased and unactivated product / Aircraft within 96 hours of activation or product repaired at Gimbal / DJI After-Sales Service Center (within 72 hours after receiving notification of service purchase after repair completed)

    Buy at Amazon.com(US) Buy at Amazon.co.uk(UK)

  • DJI Select membership

    DJI 2020/05/14 USD49.00/Year

    This is a premium membership service. Enjoy member-only benefits and special offers such as priority shipping, birthday benefits, and quick repairs. Other product discounts and campaign discounts are available. You can purchase it 15 days after you receive your DJI product.

    Buy at DJI official store

DJI FPV Specifications

DJI FPV Camera Specification
Sensor1/2.3” CMOS, Effective pixels: 12 million
LensFOV: 150°, 35mm Format Equivalent: 14.66 mm, Aperture: f/2.8、Focus Mode: Fixed Focus, Focus Range: 0.6 m to ∞
Shutter Speed1/50-1/8000 s
Still Photography ModesSingle shot
Max Image Size3840×2160
Photo FormatJPEG
Video Resolution4K: 3840×2160 at 50/60fps
FHD: 1920×1080 at 50/60/100/120fps
Video FormatsMP4/MOV (H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, H.265/HEVC)
Max Video Bitrate120 Mbps
Color ProfileStandard, D-Cinelike
RockSteady EISAvailable
Distortion CorrectionAvailable
Supported File FormatsexFAT (recommended)、FAT32
DJI FPV Gimbal Specification
Mechanical RangeTilt: -65° to 70°
Controllable RangeTilt: -50° to 58°
StabilizationSingle-axis (tilt), electronic roll axis
Max Control Speed60°/s
Angular Vibration Range±0.01° (N mode)
Electronic Roll AxisAvailable (can stabilize footage when the aircraft is tilted at angles of up to 10°)
DJI FPV Aircraft Specification
Takeoff WeightApprox. 795 g
Dimensions255×312×127 mm (with propellers)
178×232×127 mm (without propellers)
Diagonal Distance245 mm
Max Ascent SpeedM mode: No limit, S mode: 15 m/s, N mode: 8 m/s
Max Descent SpeedM mode: No limit, S mode: 10 m/s, N mode: 5 m/s
Max Speed140 kph; M mode: 39 m/s (27 m/s in Mainland China), S mode: 27 m/s, N mode: 15 m/s
Max Acceleration0-100 kph: 2 s (in ideal conditions while flying in M mode)
Max Service Ceiling Above Sea Level6,000 m
Max Flight TimeApprox. 20 mins (measured while flying at 40 kph in windless conditions)
Max Hover TimeApprox. 16 mins (measured when flying in windless conditions)
Max Flight Distance16.8 km (measured while flying in windless conditions)
Max Wind Speed Resistance39-49 kph (25-31 mph)
Operating Temperature-10° to 40° C (14° to 104° F)
Transmitter Power (EIRP)2.400-2.4835 GHz
FCC: ≤ 31.5dBm, CE: ≤ 20 dBm, SRRC: ≤ 20 dBm, MIC: ≤ 20 dBm
5.725-5.850 Ghz
FCC: ≤ 31.5 dBm, CE: ≤ 14 dBm, SRRC: ≤ 25.5 dBm
Number of AntennasFour
Hovering Accuracy RangeVertical:
±0.1 m (with Vision Positioning), ±0.5 m (with GPS positioning)
±0.3 m (with Vision Positioning), ±1.5 m (with GPS positioning)
Supported SD CardsmicroSD (up to 256 GB)
Internal StorageN/A
DJI FPV Sensing System Specification
ForwardPrecision Measurement Range: 0.5-18 m, Obstacle Sensing: Available in N mode only, FOV: 56° (horizontal), 71° (vertical)
Downward (dual vision sensors + ToF)ToF Effective Sensing Height: 10 m, Hovering Range: 0.5-15 m, Vision Sensor Hovering Range: 0.5-30 m
Downward Auxillary LightSingle LED
Operating EnvironmentRefers to non-reflective, discernible surfaces, Diffuse reflectivity >20% (e.g. walls, trees, people), Adequate lighting conditions (lux >15 in normal indoor lighting conditions)
DJI FPV Charger Specification
Input100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 1.8 A
OutputBattery charging interface: 25.2 V ± 0.1 V, 3.57 A ± 0.1 A (high current), 1 A ± 0.2 A (low current), USB Port: 5V/2A (×2)
Rated Power86 W
DJI FPV Intelligent Flight Battery Specification
Battery Capacity2000 mAh
Voltage22.2 V
Max Charging Voltage25.2 V
Battery TypeLiPo 6S
Energy44.4 Wh@0.5C
Discharge RateStandard: 10C
Weight295 g
Charging Temperature5° to 40° C (41° to 104° F)
Max Charging Power90 W
DJI FPV Video transmission Specification
Operating Frequency2.400-2.4835 GHz, 5.725-5.850 GHz
Communication Bandwidth40 MHz (Max.)
Live View ModeLow-Latency Mode: 810p/120fps ≤ 28ms, High-Quality Mode: 810p/60fps ≤ 40ms
Max Video Bitrate50 Mbps
Transmission Range10 km (FCC), 6 km (CE), 6 km (SRRC), 6 km (MIC)
Audio Transmission SupportYes
DJI FPV Goggles V2 Specification
WeightApprox. 420 g (headband and antennas included)
Dimensions184×122×110 mm (antennas excluded), 202×126×110 mm (antennas included)
Screen Size2-inches (×2)
Screen Refresh Rate144 Hz
Communication Frequency2.400-2.4835 GHz, 5.725-5.850 GHz
Transmitter Power (EIRP)2.400-2.4835 GHz
FCC: ≤ 28.5 dBm, CE: ≤ 20 dBm, SRRC: ≤ 20 dBm, MIC: ≤ 20 dBm
5.725-5.850 GHz
FCC: ≤ 31.5 dBm, CE: ≤ 14 dBm, SRRC: ≤ 19 dBm
Communication Bandwidth40 MHz (Max.)
Live View ModeLow-Latency Mode: 810p/120fps ≤ 28ms*, High-Quality Mode: 810p/60fps ≤ 40ms*, * A 150° FOV is available when shooting at 50 or 100 fps. For other frame rates, the FOV will be 142°.
Max Video Bitrate50 Mbps
Transmission Range10 km (FCC), 6 km (CE), 6 km (SRRC), 6 km (MIC)
Video FormatMP4 (Video format: H.264)
Supported Video and Audio Playback FormatsMP4, MOV, MKV (Video format: H.264; Audio format: AAC-LC, AAC-HE, AC-3, MP3
Operating Temperature0° to 40° C (32° to 104° F)
Power InputDedicated DJI Goggles batteries or other 11.1.-25.2 V batteries.
FOVFOV: 30° to 54°; Image size: 50-100%
Interpupillary Distance Range58-70 mm
Supported microSD CardsmicroSD (up to 256 GB)
DJI FPV Goggles Battery Specification
Capacity1800 mAh
Voltage9 V (Max.)
TypeLiPo 2S
Energy18 Wh
Charging Temperature0° to 45° C (32° to 113° F)
Max Charging Power10 W
Battery LifeApprox. 110 minutes (measured in an environment of 25°C at maximum brightness level)
DJI FPV Remote Controller Specification
Operating Frequency2.400-2.4835 GHz, 5.725-5.850 GHz
Transmitter Power (EIRP)2.400-2.4835 GHz
FCC: ≤ 28.5 dBm, CE: ≤ 20 dBm, SRRC: ≤ 20 dBm, MIC: ≤ 20 dBm
5.725-5.850 GHz
FCC: ≤ 31.5 dBm, CE: ≤ 14 dBm, SRRC: ≤ 19 dBm
Max. Transmission Distance10 km (FCC), 6 km (CE), 6 km (SRRC), 6 km (MIC)
Gimbal Dimensions190×140×51 mm
Weight346 g
Battery LifeApprox. 9 hours
Charging Time2.5 hours
DJI FPV Motion Controller Specification
Weight167 g
Operating Frequency Range2.400-2.4835 GHz; 5.725-5.850 GHz
Max Transmission Distance (unobstructed, free of interference)10 km (FCC), 6 km (CE/SRRC/MIC)
Transmitter Power (EIRP) 2.4 GHz: ≤28.5 dBm (FCC), ≤20 dBm (CE/ SRRC/MIC), 5.8 GHz: ≤31.5 dBm (FCC), ≤19 dBm (SRRC), ≤14 dBm (CE)
Operating Temperature Range-10° to 40° C (14° to 104° F)
Battery Life300 minutes

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