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How to prepare microSD card for OpenTX radio

Here, we will introduce how to prepare a microSD card (TF card) for OpenTX radio.

Preparation of microSD card (TF card)

This section describes the procedure for preparing microSD (TF card) card to be set in OpenTX radio. For EdgeTX, see How to prepare microSD card for EdgeTX radio page.
OpenTX/EdgeTX radio uses a microSD card as a data storage area (compatible with SDHC standard). Image / audio data, Lua scripts, backups of radio and drone settings (MODEL information) are saved.
Prepare a blank microSD card. The capacity depends on the amount of icon image and audio data you want to store, but I think 8GB is enough. (RadioMaster's radios only supports up to 8GB, but 16GB could be used.) Format this in FAT32 format on your computer.
MicroSD card (SDXC standard) with a capacity of more than 32GB cannot be formatted in FAT32 using OS standard function. You need to use a free software formatter.
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PC Download microSD card data that matches screen resolution of the radio and its OpenTX version from OpenTX official site. Alternatively, you may be able to download it from official website of the radio manufacturer. Please also check manufacturer's official website.
Open OpenTX Downloads page and click on the version number to see this screen. Click "SD Card" ...
PC A list of links by model of the radio is displayed. Click model name of your radio, or screen resolution that matches your radio. Alternatively, you can use another radio image that has the same screen resolution.
OpenTX/EdgeTX radio screen resolution
Radio screen resolutionCompatible models (example)
480x272 Color TX16s, T16, Horus x10s,Horus x12s, Most color screen radios...
320x480 Color Flysky Nirvana NV14
128x64 BW Zorro, T-Pro, T12, T-Lite, QX7, X9 Lite, X-Lite, X-Lite Pro, など
212x64 BW X9D, X9D Plus, X9D Plus 2019, e.t.c.

PC A list of links to microSD card image is displayed. Right-click on the latest version of the link to download it to your computer. Then you can get a file with a file name such as "sdcard-128x64-2.3V0038.zip". Unzip this in any folder.
PC Then, the folders / files shown in this figure will be expanded. Write all of them to root directory of microSD card. Also, copy necessary files such as Lua script files you stored and MODEL backups from the SD card that you have been using. And insert it into card slot of radio.
In case of Jumper T12 Pro, it is almost empty except for "SOUNDS" folder where audio files (sound pack) are stored, and total amount of data is only about 137MB.
Example of a folder to copy from the SD card that has been used so far
EEPROM Backup of radio settings. Make a backup with the radio in advance.
MODELS Backup of MODELs set in the radio. Make a backup with the radio in advance.
SCRIPTS/TOOLS Lua script. Check folders other than TOOLS.
Preparation of microSD card for OpenTX radio is now complete.

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