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VelociDrone license purchase, download and installation instructions

Here, we will introduce procedure for purchasing, downloading, and installing the license of Racing drones / FPV drones simulator "Veloci Drone".
In addition, how to play "Veloci Drone" in general is explained on the page of How to play VelociDrone FPV drone racing simulator .

Create a new account ~ Purchase a license

PC You must register for an account to download VelociDrone. First, get a VelociDrone account.
Open VelociDrone website and click “Download” from the menu.
PC Then you will see a screen like this. Fill in “Register” field on the right half of the screen.
Full Name: Enter your full name in alphabetic characters.
E-mail Address / Confirm E-Mail: Enter your email address.
Password / Confirm Password: Think and enter the password for your account. Only alphanumeric characters can be used.
Unique Player Name / Tag: Think and enter the nickname that will appear as your name during online multiplayer games.
Year of Birth: Enter your year of birth in.
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When you have filled all fields, click “Register” button at the bottom.
PC Then you will see a screen like this. You are logged in to VelociDrone site and your “full name” is displayed in the upper right corner of the screen. In particular, you will not receive a registration completion email from VelociDrone.
On this screen, select items to download and purchase. It seems that there was a free trial version in the past, but now there are only paid downloads. If this software does not support your computer environment or controller you have, you may not be able to play even if you purchase. You need to take risks in this regard.
The minimum purchase required is VelociDrone License £ 16.99 (about 22.17 USD). Press “Add To Cart” button below to enter it in “shopping cart”.
If you want to simulate Tiny Whoop, we also recommend the optional content Micro Class Quads £ 4.00 (about 5.22 USD). BetaFPV Beta75x, Tiny Hawk, CrazyBee Micro, Mobula 6, Meteor 65, Beebrain, AcroBee, ZeroGrav, AcroBee PMB, NanoHawk can be simulated, and 27 tracks of scene Library, NightClub, House, Sportbar, MiniWarehouse, Apartment, Office for Tiny Whoop will be added.
Optional content can be purchased later. If you restart VelociDrone after making an additional purchase, the additional purchased optional content will take effect.
PC When you press the “Add To Cart” button, you will see a screen like this. Press the “Continue Shopping” button to return to the screen above. You can continue to purchase other items. Press the “Payment” button to proceed to checkout.
PC Select a payment method.
PC If you follow the instructions on the screen and perform the payment operation, you will finally see this screen. Here you had finished license purchase. You will receive an email from Veloci Drone titled "Purchase Complete".
Next, download and install the software.
PC If you are logged out of VelociDrone website, such as by restarting your computer, click “Login” at the top right of the screen. Then you will see a screen like this. Enter your e-mail address and registered password in the “Login” field on the left half of the screen, and click “Login” button.

Software download ~ installation

This software can be installed in any user folder you like.
Precautions for installation
The size of the software itself exceeds 2GB. Make sure there is enough disk space in the installation folder. Also, the download will take a long time. Depending on the network environment, it may take an hour or even several hours. Avoid installing at night when the internet is slow, and do it when you have time to spare.
For Windows, do not install under "C: \ Program Files" or "C: \ Program Files (x86)", which have access restrictions. Install it in your newly created user folder.
PC Log in to the VelociDrone website and click on your full name at the top right of the screen. Then a menu like this will be displayed, so select “My Licenses”.
PC Then you will see a screen like this. Click the “Download VelociDrone ...” button in the center of the screen to download ZIP file (launcher). You can choose Windows version, Mac version, Linux Debian version, Linux Redhat version. You can download the software from this screen anytime and any number of times.
Once the software is installed, the license will be linked to the computer. If you want to reinstall it on another computer, click “Unassign License From Current Device” button displayed on this screen after installation to remove the linkage to previous computer.
PC You can download a file such as “Velocidrone Windows Launcher.zip”. Size of this file is about 8MB for Windows 10. Copy this to any folder you want to install and unzip it.
Then, three files “install_readme.txt”,“Launcher.exe” and “launcher.dat” will appear in the folder “Velocidrone Windows Launcher” like this. Double-click “Launcher.exe” to start downloading and installing the software. The software will be installed in the folder where you started “Launcher.exe”.
PC When you double-click “Launcher.exe”, you will first see a screen like this. Download of the 30MB size installer will start.
PC Next, download and installation of the software itself will start. It takes a lot of time. Please wait earnestly. No special operation is required during installation, so you can leave it alone.
When the progress bar reaches 50%, the download is complete, and then the decompression work is performed. In my environment it took 2 hours to download and another 30 minutes to unzip, for a total of 2 hours and 30 minutes.
PC When screen looks like this, installation is complete. Click “Play” button to start program.
PC When starting the app for the first time, you need to log in to the app. Enter your email address and password that you registered on the VelociDrone website.
VelociDrone is not registered in the Windows Start menu or desktop. Next time you start software, you must open installation folder and double-click “Launcher.exe” again. Or pin “Launcher.exe” to the Start menu yourself, or put a shortcut on your desktop.