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Parrot, Inc., offers a free online service called "PARROT CLOUD(Former name:DRONE ACADEMY)" for Disco / Bebop Drone / Mini Drones user. When you sign up for this, you can look at the details of flight information and share it with other users.

Registration to PARROT CLOUD

Start (FreeFlight Pro) / (FreeFlight mini) / (FreeFlight Jmping) app to set up "PARROT CLOUD".
Bebop Drone Start FreeFlight Pro app then tap "My flight".
Bebop Drone Then you can see such a screen. The history that you flight on this device is displayed. Tap "Please connect to PARROT CLOUD".
Bebop Drone And sign-in screen appears like this.
People who had used the "DRONE ACADEMY"/"AR.Drone Academy" in the past, can use that's login ID and password. Enter the "login", "password", and then tap "sign-in" at the bottom left of the screen.
To new user registration, tap the "Register" in the lower right of the screen. <
Bebop Drone This is the new "registration" screen.
Enter the nickname of your choice to "User name", and "Password". Enter your E-mail address to "E-mail". Tap "I agree to the Terms of Service."
And tap "Save profile" at the bottom of the screen.
Then you will receive an e-mail to E-mail address you entered. When you tap the URL written in mail body, E-mail address check will be performed, and user registration will be completed.

and profile

Bebop Drone When user registration is completed, tap "Please connect to PARROT CLOUD" and sign in.
Once you set "record the login information" to "Yes", it reduce the time and effort of future login. In addition, PARROT CLOUD is available login from all iPod / iPad / iPhone your have. You can see same information from FreeFlight Pro application of any device.
Bebop Drone When you sign in, your user name will be displayed. Tap it.
Bebop Drone When you tap "ABOUT" "MY INFOS" at bottom of the screen, you can change the information to be displayed.
Tap AR.Drone on the top right of the screen and "Edit" to edit your information.
Tap "<" on the top left of the screen to jump to main menu.


Bebop Drone Your flight informations are lined in reverse chronological order in "My Flight" screen. The number of photos and videos taken with each flight, and rate are visible.
When you tap each flight, you can see the details.
Bebop Drone This is the detail screen for the flight.
When you tap the "share" in the upper left, the flight information is shared to the user.
When you tap the "GPS route", "graphic", "media" at the bottom of the screen, you can see more detailed information.
In "Media" screen, you can see the videos and photographs taken at that flight, but there is a need to transfer the videos and photos from Bebop Drone beforehand. See How to take videos and photos with Bebop Drone page to read the transfer method.
Bebop Drone This is "GPS route" screen. Flight routes recorded by GPS will be displayed. You can move the location by drag, and enlarge by pinch out / pinch open. When you tap the "satellite" mark on the bottom right, you can switch the map in the "satellite photograph" "photograph + map" "map".
Bebop Drone This is "graphic" screen. "altitude", "speed" in the flight will be displayed in a graph. When you pinch open with two fingers, the graph will be enlarged.

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