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Setting up Bebop Drone

Here we explain how to initial set up Bebop Drone.

Installing application

First, from App Store, let's install free official app "FreeFlight Pro" to your iPod / iPad / iPhone.

Preparation of Bebop Drone hardware

Bebop Drone Here is a box of Bebop Drone came from Amazon.com. Compare with the box of the AR.Drone 2.0 placed in the back, You can see it becomes much smaller. In comparison with the bottom of the iPad / iPhone, you'll be able to confirm that size.
Bebop Drone This is Bebop Drone in the box. It comes with two sets of battery and propeller ( one spare set of four ).
Included manual is not much detail. On the Parrot's website, you can download detailed user guide. Visit Bebop Drone support (Parrot) to get more information.
Charging battery
Bebop Drone The first thing to do is charge the battery. Connect the battery to AC adapter like this, then plug it into an electrical outlet. In about 1 hour, lamp will turn green, and complete charging.
Let's charge iPod / iPad / iPhone fully together to control Bebop Drone.
Install battery
Bebop Drone Pull black string ejected from the upper body, connector for battery will come out. Connect battery here, and secure it with the Velcro band.
It's possible to flight about 11 minutes at one battery. It's longer flight time about the electric RC helicopter, but it will be finish soon. It's a good idea to keep some spare batterys. In addition, you can use AR.Drone series battery.
Power on Bebop Drone
Bebop Drone There is a power button on the rear body of Bebop Drone. If you push it once, four propeller trembling and LED turns green.
Then remove Lens cover on front camea.
Attach Hull if you fly in the room. It is OK just plug it in the base of the propeller.
In addition, push the power button again when you want to power OFF.
Bebop Drone Hull and propeller are easily removable. So not only backpack, you can even put it in A4 size one-shoulder bag.
Unboxing video by Parrot
Watch on YouTube

Connect to iPod / iPad / iPhone

After setting up hardware, connect to iPod / iPad / iPhone with wireless LAN. Wi-Fi reach distance of iPad series is better than iPhone. So I recommend you use it if you have iPad series.
iPhone iPod / iPad / iPhone and Bebop Drone will connect in ad hoc mode of Wi-Fi (wireless LAN). Bebop Drone becomes an access point of wireless LAN. So you don't need router when fly outdoors.
To avoid to lose control by receiving a phone call or SMS during operation, set 設定-[Airplane mode] menu to タッチパネル:ON(ON).
Bebop Drone Then set 設定-[Wi-Fi]-[Wi-Fi] menu to タッチパネル:ON(ON). So you can see access point "BebopDrone_xxxxxx", then tap it. It does not require a password to connect.
In addition, immediately after starting the Bebop Drone, it may become an error in Wi-Fi connection. Then please try to connect again after a while. When you hear sound of fan from Bebop Drone, you can connect it.
Bebop Drone Then start FreeFlight Pro app to tap . You can start the flight When you tap the "FLY & FILM".

Can not connect Wi-Fi !?

Tyr to shut down FreeFlight Pro App by using App switcher, then turn off and on 設定-[Wi-Fi]-[Wi-Fi] menu, and start FreeFlight Pro again.
Setting up video by Parrot
Watch on YouTube


Bebop Drone When you start for the first time Bebop Drone, you can see calibration screen.Tap "OK". Or you can do calibration anytime when you tap "CALIBRATE" on Bebop Drone Setup-[Position] screen.
Bebop Drone Turn the screen like this. Tap "Adjustment".
Bebop Drone According to the animation displayed on the screen, turn round the Bebop Drone by hand. There is no need to rush. Please turn slowly.
If the check mark is displayed to all of the "X-axis", "Y-axis" "Z-axis" on the bottom of the screen, it is complete. Tap Bebop Drone Back on the top left of the screen to return original screen.

Firmware version up

Once the connection of the iPod / iPad / iPhone is complete, let's version up Bebop Drone's firmware (control program) . Power off the Bebop Drone, connect iPod / iPad / iPhone to the Internet.
Bebop Drone Connect iPod / iPad / iPhone to your home Wi-Fi access point to access the Internet. Tap to start FreeFlight Pro App.
Then tap Bebop Drone Menu on the top left of the screen.
Bebop Drone Tap "Check for updates" menu.
Bebop Drone This screen will be apper when there is an update. Tap "Download".
Bebop Drone Then latest firmware download will start. It will take a few minutes.
When Parrot, Inc. server is congested, download may fail on that way. At that time, please re-challenge a while later.
Bebop Drone When download finish successfully, you will see this screen. Power on your Bebop Drone. Connect iPod/iPad/iPhone to Bebop Drone from 設定-[Wi-Fi]-[Wi-Fi] menu.
Bebop Drone Tap "OK" on (FreeFlight Pro) main menu.
Bebop Drone Then tap "Install". The firmware will be transferred to Bebop Drone from iPod / iPad / iPhone.
Bebop Drone The firmware transfer will finish in several seconds. Then you will see this screen. Tap "OK".
Bebop Drone Then Bebop Drone will be reset. LED on the power button of Bebop Drone will change to orange, firmware rewriting will be start.
Bebop Drone The update is complete in about one minute, LED will turn green.
Power off the Bebop Drone once by pushing the power button, then restart it to push again.
Bebop Drone After finish restart Bebop Drone, connect iPod/iPad/iPhone to Bebop Drone from 設定-[Wi-Fi]-[Wi-Fi] menu again. And enjoy flight.
Let's do Bebop Drone first flight.
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