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Early Apollo Program Mission Photos

Mission Photos provided Apollo Image Gallery from NASA by Mr. Kipp Teague. These are photos stored in The Apollo Lunar Surface Journal of NASA headquarters.
Usage guidelines for NASA owned photo and other medias can be seen at Media Usage Guidelines(NASA).

Unmanned Saturn IB Flights

Apollo 5

Unmanned mission to test first lunar module LM-1

Apollo 6

Unmanned mission to test Saturn V


Planned as second manned Apollo flight; cancelled in December 1966; crew re-assigned as Apollo 1 backup


Involved dual Saturn IB launches; cancelled following Apollo 204 fire


This is the first production, man-rated Lunar Module. It was thoroughly tested in NASA’s vacuum chamber with James Irwin and John Bull in 1968. This vehicle was used to test several mission conditions, and the resulting modifications made both LM-3 (Apollo 9) and LM-5 (Apollo 11) possible.


The Apollo 2TV-1 "mission" involved the crew of Joe Kerwin, Vance Brand, and Joe Engle staying in CSM test spacecraft (2TV-1) for 177 hours while the spacecraft was in a large vacuum chamber in Houston.