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APOLLO 7 ( AS-205 )

Apollo 7 insignia

Apollo 7 prime crew

Donn F. Eisesle(CMP), Walter M.Schirra, Jr(CDP), Walter Cunningham(LMP) (Left to right)

Mission Status

Launch date 11. Oct. 1968 15:02:45 UTC(11:02:45 EST)
Mission Designation AS-205 / SA-205
Launch Pad PAD 34
LM (not loaded)
Launch vehcle
Type Saturn IB
First Stage S-IB-205
Second Stage S-IVB-205
Prime crew
Commander Pilot:CDP Walter M.Schirra, Jr
CM Pilot:CMP Donn F. Eisesle
LM Pilot:LMP Walter Cunningham
Backup crew
Commander Pilot:CDP Thomas P. Stafford
CM Pilot:CMP John W. Young
LM Pilot:LMP Eugiene A. Cernan
Mission Objective
Manned flight test on the Earth orbit. Demonstrate crew/space vehicle/mission support facilities. Demonstrate CSM rendezvous capability.
Mission Result
Apollo space craft worked perfect. And all predetermined scientific experiments was completed.
Rendezvous with S-IVB was held for simulate extracting an LM on the Earth orbit. After CSM separation, SLA panels had not fully deployed and stayed on S-IVB. About SPS engine firing test, there were eight nearly perfect firings out of eight attempts. One of the three fuel cells supplying electricity to the craft developed some unwanted high temperatures. Three of the five spacecraft windows fogged because of improperly cured sealant compound (a condition that could not be fixed until Apollo 9).
About 15 hours into the flight, Schirra developed a bad cold, and Cunningham and Eisele soon followed suit.
Launch weight556,904(kg)
Earth orbits163
Duration260:09:03(10days 20hours)
Splashed down22.Oct.1968 11:11:48 UT(07:11:48 EDT)
Splashdown pointAtlantic Ocean:27 deg 32 min N, 64 deg 04 min W:200 nautical miles SSW of Bermuda
Recovery shipU.S.S. Essex

CSM-101 Apollo7
BLOCK2. No docking plobe.

Mission Photos

Apollo 50th: First Crew Launches on Apollo 7
Watch on YouTube
  • [DVD] Apollo 7: Shakedown Cruise

    Spacecraft Films / Twentieth Century Fox Home Video February 1, 2005 USD34.99

    Apollo 7, the first manned Apollo mission, gave the Apollo CSM a workout in Earth orbit as the first steps in the verification of the lunar hardware. For 11 days the crew fought colds while they put the Apollo spacecraft through a workout, establishing confidence in the machine what would lead directly to the bold decision to send Apollo 8 to the moon just 2 months later.


  • [BOOK] Apollo 7 : The NASA Mission Reports

    Apogee Books October 1, 2000 USD18.95

    Another entry in Robert Godwin's detail-packed, armchair astronaut NASA Reports series, the Apollo 7 compilation includes all the tech-heavy goodies that earlier installments featured: the official press kit, pre- and post-mission reports, the technical debriefing, dozens of diagrams and color photos, and even a CD-ROM packed with astronaut interviews, thundering launch footage, and 500 70mm pictures taken by the flight crew.