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APOLLO 17 ( AS-512 )

Apollo 17 insignia

Apollo 17 prime crew

Harrison H. Schmitt(LMP), Eugiene A. Cernan(CDP), Ronald E. Evans(CMP), (Left to right)

Mission Status

Launch date 07. Dec. 1972 05:33:00 UTC(00:33:00 EST)
Mission Designation AS-512 / SA-512
Launch Pad PAD 39A
CSM CSM-114 (America)
LM LM-12 (Challenger)
Launch vehcle
Type Saturn V
First Stage S-IC-12
Second Stage S-II-12
Third stage S-IVB-512
Instrument Unit(IU) S-IU-512
Prime crew
Commander Pilot:CDP Eugiene A. Cernan
CM Pilot:CMP Ronald E. Evans
LM Pilot:LMP Harrison H. Schmitt
Backup crew
Commander Pilot:CDP John W. Young
CM Pilot:CMP Stuart A. Roosa
LM Pilot:LMP Charles M. Duke
Mission Objective
Geological surveying and sampling of materials and surface features in a preselected area of the Taurus-Littrow region. Deployed experimetns such as the Apollo lunar surface experiment package (ALSEP) with a Heat Flow experiment, Lunar seismic profiling (LSP), Lunar surface gravimeter (LSG), Lunar atmospheric composition experiment (LACE) and Lunar ejecta and meteorites (LEAM). Lunar Sampling and Lunar orbital experiments. Biomedical experiments included the Biostack II Experiment and the BIOCORE experiment.
Mission Result
Apollo 17 lifted off after a 2 hour, 40 minute delay from the originally scheduled time due to a malfunction of a launch sequencer. It was the first nighttime launch of an Apollo. Cernan and Schmitt made three moonwalk EVAs totaling 22 hours, 4 minutes. During this time they covered 30 km using the Lunar Roving Vehicle, collected 110.5 kg of lunar samples. After TEI, Evans began a cislunar spacewalk EVA consisting of three trips to the SM SIM bay to collect camera and lunar sounder film over a period of 67 minutes.
Launch weight2,923,387(kg)
Lunar orbits75
Duration301:51:59(12days and 13hours)
Landing LocationTaurus-Littrow 20.16 degrees North, 30.77 degrees East
Splashed down19.Dec.1972 19:24:59 UT (14:24:59 EST)
Splashdown pointPacific Ocean:17 deg 53 min S, 166 deg 7 min W:350 nautical miles SE of the Samoan Islands
Recovery shipU.S.S Ticonderoga

CSM-114 Apollo17 America
BLOCK2. About the same specification with CSM-112.

LM-12 Apollo17 Challenger
About the same specification with LM10.

Mission Photos

1972: Apollo 17 (NASA)
Watch on YouTube
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    On 6 DVDs this spectacular set brings you the complete television transmissions and onboard film of the Apollo 17 mission - the last lunar mission of the Apollo program. Featuring complete coverage of training, preparation, launch, recovery and more, this set brings you rare onboard recordings (such as audio from inside the command module during launch) and delivers over 27 hours of material documenting this historic mission. Featuring unique commentary from interviews conducted at the time of the mission, you'll get a fascinating look at what going to the moon is really like... until we go back, of course.


  • [BOOK] Apollo 17 : The NASA Mission Reports

    Apogee Books November 1, 2002 USD13.57

    Apollo 17, documented in these reports, was the first mission to make it possible for a qualified geologist to explore the moon.


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