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Mechanism of Apollo

Number of special mechanism has developed in the Apollo program. I will introduce the mechanism of Apollo here.

Apollo Spacecraft

The APOLLO spaceship was composed of five parts, the LES, CM, SM, LM, and SLA. The Saturn-V booster put this craft into orbit around the moon.

Saturn V booster

World's largest rocket, Saturn V booster production was formally started at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center on Jan.25,1962. Then total cost, including the production of 15 vehicles becomes more than $7 billion.

Saturn IB booster

The Saturn IB booster was planned in 1962 as a high-performance, low cost upgrade to the Saturn I. This was done by using the S-IVB and the IU of the Saturn V, and the existing Saturn I first stage. It was completed in only 39 months by combining the existing systems.

Lunar Roving Vehicle(LRV)

The moon is too big new continent for only two astronauts to explore. To make a radius of action wide, Dr. Wernher Von Braun planed to carry a car to the Moon at early grade of Apollo age.

Crawler Transporter

This is a huge crawler carry Apollo / Saturn rocket with launch tower to the launch pad. It was the world's largest caterpillar vehicle when it was constructed.

Apollo Space Suit

In the Apollo project, the development of spacesuit was an important subject, too. Even if they went to the moon all the way, it can't be said they won against the Soviet Union with only taking photos from window. Spacesuit was another spaceship for Apollo project.

Computers for Apollo Program

In Apollo project, many computers were active in many places like spacecrafts, Saturn boosters, computer center on the ground. However, at that time it was the early days of computers, so NASA had to work with MIT, IBM and others to develop new technologies one after another.