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Saturn V poster download

This was released from NASA long ago, and scanned on a special blueprint scanner by David T. Craig. You can print on large A1 size paper.
You can find it at Kennedy Space center Gift shop.

Here are two file size. To open large one, you must use graphic software like PhotoShop, PaintShop and so on. Take whichever you like.

Special thanks to Mr.David T. Craig
David Craig was not connected with the Apollo project, but has an interest in its history and technologies. David Craig has over the years collected lots of technical Apollo information which he hopes to eventually store in a digital format such as PDF documents.

Download GIF format small size(1280x2067)
compressed file ( SATURN_GIFS.zip 480,038bytes )
Download GIF format large size(400 dpi:9424x15220)
compressed file ( SATURN_GIF.zip 1,502,016bytes )
PDF format large size(400 dpi:9424x15220)
( SATURN-V-CONFIGURATION.pdf 122,193bytes )
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