S-II-F/D SA-500F US Space & Rocket Center, Huntsville , Alabama
S-II-D Production Cancelled S-II-S/D used instead
S-II-S/D Structural and Dynamic Test Vehicle destroyed in test stand September 29, 1965
S-II-T Structural and Dynamic Test Vehicle destroyed in an explosion while being tested May 28, 1966
S-II-1 SA-501:Apollo 4
S-II-2 SA-502:Apollo 6
S-II-3 SA-503:Apollo 8
S-II-4 SA-504:Apollo 9
S-II-5 SA-505:Apollo 10
S-II-6 SA-506:Apollo 11
S-II-7 SA-507:Apollo 12
S-II-8 SA-508:Apollo 13
S-II-9 SA-509:Apollo 14
S-II-10 SA-510:Apollo 15
S-II-11 SA-511:Apollo 16
S-II-12 SA-512:Apollo 17
S-II-13 SA-513:Skylab 1 Producted for Apollo 18
S-II-14 Not used, (Apollo 19) Kennedy Space Center, NASA, Florida
S-II-15 Not used, (Apollo 20) Johnson Space Center, NASA, Houston, Texas