S/C FVV SA-500F display on KSC as Saturn IB SA-209 SM had deteriorated and was replaced with new mock-up in 1993
CSM-009 AS-201 Strategic Air Command Museum, Ashland, NE Block 1
CSM-010 US Space & Rocket Center, Huntsville , Alabama on Saturn V Block 1
CSM-011 AS-202 Dulles Int'l Airport, Washington, D.C. Block 1
CSM-012 Apollo 1 Fire, Not on Display. stowed at NASA Langley research center Block 1
CSM-014 AS-205(Canceled) Disassembled in parallel with the disassembly of CM-012 in the post-fire Apollo 1 investigation. Block 1
CSM-017 SA-501:Apollo 4 NASA John C. Stennis Space Center, Picayune, MS Block 1
CM-020, SM-014 SA-502:Apollo 6 Fernbank Science Center, Atlanta GA Block 1
CSM-101 AS-205:Apollo 7 Frontiers of Flight Museum, Dallas, Texas Block 2
It was moved from National Museum of Science & Technology, Ottawa, Canada September 2004.
CSM-103 SA-503:Apollo 8 Chicago Museum of Science & Industry, Chicago, Illinois Block 2
CSM-104 (Gumdrop) SA-504:Apollo 9 Michigan Space Center, Jackson Community College, Jackson Michigan More about Michigan Space Center is HERE Block 2
This will be moved this(2004) spring to the San Diego Aerospace Museum.
CSM-105AV used in acoustic tests. Now in ASTP display National Air and Space Museum, Washington D.C. Block 2
CSM-106 (Charlie Brown) SA-505:Apollo 10 Science Museum, London, England Block 2, Hatch located at Michigan Space and Science Center.
CSM-107 (Columbia) SA-506:Apollo 11 National Air and Space Museum, Washington D.C. Block 2
CSM-108 (Yankee Clipper) SA-507:Apollo 12 Virginia Air & Space Center, Hampton, Virginia Block 2
CSM-109 (Odyssey) SA-508:Apollo 13 Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center. (formerly at Musee de l'Air, Paris, France) Block 2
CSM-110 (Kitty Hawk) SA-509:Apollo 14 Rockwell International, Downey, California or Astronaut Hall of Fame, Titusville, Florida In 2008, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of NASA, moved to Kennedy Space Center, NASA, Florida Block 2
CSM-112 (Endeavour) SA-510:Apollo 15 Air Force Museum , Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio Block 2
CSM-113 (Casper) SA-511:Apollo 16 US Space & Rocket Center, Huntsville , Alabama Block 2
CSM-114 (America) SA-512:Apollo 17 Johnson Space Center, NASA, Houston, Texas Block 2
CSM-116 AS-206:Skylab 2 Naval Aviation Museum, Pensacola, Florida Block 2
CSM-117 AS-207:Skylab 3 NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, Ohio Block 2
CSM-118 AS-208:Skylab 4 National Air and Space Museum, Washington, D.C. Relocated to Oklahoma History Centerin September 2020. Block 2
CSM-111 AS-210:Apollo-Soyuz Kennedy Space Center, NASA, Florida Block 2