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Crystal beach Ko Samui Drone shoot

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News:New Bebop 2 will ship Dec.2015 for $549

According to CNET article, Parrot, Inc. which sells high-performance drone at a low price, announced the Bebop 2 in the press conference held in San Francisco on Nov.17. Similarly conventional Bebop Drone, it is a drone that can handle even for beginners. New improvements are large-capacity battery, high-performance motor and large-sized propeller. To reach the altitude 100m in 18 seconds and can fly at 64.82km / h. Battery is increased to 2,700 mAh from the conventional 1,200 mAh. This expand to 25 minutes flight time.
It launched at $ 549 in the United States, from December 14. Also with Skycontroller Black Edition is about $ 800.
Parrot Bebop 2 Drone - Official Video

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Parrot Bebop 2 Drone - Key Features

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Parrot Bebop 2 Drone - Wind Tunnel Testing

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What is Bebop Drone / AR.Drone

RC helicopter to be controlled by the iPod / iPad / iPhone. This is the originator of the "quad Copter" of four props.
Developed by french company Parrot, founder "AR.Drone" was released in 2010, then second "AR.Drone 2.0" came in 2012. And in November 2014, significantly powered up "Bebop Drone" was released.
Use the iPod / iPad / iPhone as a remote controller. It is used in connection with the Bebop Drone / AR.Drone in Wi-Fi with free app. FreeFlight Pro(Bebop Drone) and AR.Free Flight(AR.Drone). It has a built-in advanced gyro and control device, hovering in the air without manipulation. In addition, with on-board front and bottom camera, it can send and store video and still images to the iPod / iPad / iPhone.
Bebop Drone introduction video

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