Space World

Space world closed at 2 AM on January 1, 2018.
  • Location : Yahata Higashi, Kitakyusyu city, Fukuoka, Japan
  • Opening : 09:30-17:00(according to date)
  • Closing : none
  • Admission charges : Park entry fee JPY1000 (child JPY500) Space Museum JPY400
    Or Free-Path JPY3800 (child JPY2800) valid for almost all attractions
  • Web site :
Space world is an amusement park gathered thrilling attractions in Kitakyusyu Japan. From small child to student and family, crowded by many visitors. And here is a Space Camp and Space Museum only here in Japan. Here houses precious articles related space exploitation

Space Camp

This is experience study equipment by U.S.Space Camp foundation. You can go through NASA astronauts training program here. Accommodation is fully equipped like U.S.Space and Rocket center Huntsvillw AL.
"Moon walker" experience you the Moon's 1:6 gravity. "Multi axis trainer" train the your sense of balance in zero gravity. These two attractions are effective for all visitor who did not join Space Camp program (admission fee JPY500).

But the best exhibit in here is " Moon Rock ". This fist-sized rock was brought by Apollo 12 astronaut. You can see at a short distance in glazed cases without haste. Admission fee for the Moon rock is free.
And autographs of Japanese astronauts like Mr.Mouri, Ms.Mukai, Mr.Wakata e.t.c. are displayed.

Space Museum

This Space Museum is located near Space Shuttle, symbol of Space World. Entree fee is JPY400 or if you bought Free-Path ticket, you can be admit by free. This is not a quite wide, but fine selection for pursue the history of American and Japanese rocket are displayed.
On first floor, real flight objects and real sized mock-ups related American space exploitation are placed. And second floor, there are models of Japanese rocket and satellite mock-ups like the Sputnik and The Vanguard. Displays related to Apollo projects are Command Module (This CM was under production when suspend of Apollo project, and repaired for exhibition display at North American Rockwell Corp.) , real J2 Engine , CM door of Apollo 6 , CM Earth Landing Equipment cover OF ASTP. And Space suit of Stuart A. Roosa :CMP of Apollo 14 (Why CMP carrys PLSS? It's joke?), LSRC:Lunar Sample Return Container for carry the Moon rocks to the Earth, Omega speed master wrist watch e.t.c. And mock-up of an iron used by Alan B. Shepard, Jr. for the Moon golf at Apollo 14. Space suit for John W. Young for the Gemini project, and Russian space suit are there too.

You need only about one hour for enjoy this small museum, but you can spend happy time with real space objects. And finally, don't miss the outdoor exhibition just out of the exit. There is a incomplete trial piece of M-1 engine : the main engine of NOVA rocket. NOVA rocket was a huge rocket for 'direct lunar landing' method without using lunar module. Ths rocket would be taller 30 meter (98 feet) than Saturn V. This M-1 engine was manufactured only one unit. Yes this is the only one display in the world.


Shopping at the museum shop is fun of visit. But there is no museum shop here. Some souvenir shops are located at 'Space bazaar', the entrance of the Space World. Space goods are sold at 'Shop America Continent'. But they have only towels, ballpoints, straps with NASA logo. No interesting things are there. However they have plenty menus of space food. There are much plenty menus than American space museums. Especially the 'space rice cake' brought to Space Shuttle by Japanese astronaut : Mr.Mouri is a good souvenir only in Japan.