"CYOGOKIN" means "Super alloyed metal" in Japanese. BANDAI uses this word for brand name of Super Robot Animation character toy series made by die-cast for a long time. And "OTONA" means "adult" in Japanese. "OTONA NO CYOGOKIN" is a hobby items made by "CYOGOKIN" and "DREAMS" for adults, the things that evokes emotion, fanaticism, nostalgia, excitement to us.

No.1 : Apollo 11 and SaturnV Launch Vehicle

BANDAI was making "CYOGOKIN" series Super Robot Animation character toys that was made by die-cast for a long time. And now, "OTONA NO CYOGOKIN", Fine scale model series for Adults is started. Apollo 11 and SaturnV Launch Vehicle was selected for it's first item.
ApolloManiacs is working for supervise this project.
  • OTONA NO CYOGOKIN No.1 : Apollo 11 and SaturnV Launch Vehicle

    BANDAI 2010/03/27 JPY52,500

    This exquisitely accurate 1/144-scale reproduction is based on many specialized documents and other data. In addition, during development of this product, Bandai sought and received the full cooperation of the web site "Apollo Maniacs," a favorite of Apollo fans, in making sure that the overall appearance, as well as that of the parts such as the rocket and engine, is as accurate and detailed as possible.で買う

No.2 : Space Shuttle OV-105 ENDEAVOUR

The second model of OTONA NO CYOGOKIN series.
  • OTONA NO CYOGOKIN No.2 : Space Shuttle OV-105 ENDEAVOUR

    BANDAI 2010/12/03 JPY47,250

    Standing an impressive 39cm/15.5 inches tall (43.5cm/17.1 inches tall when mounted on the display base), this fantastic fully-finished replica is made of die-cast metal and plastic, and shows extraordinary levels of detail and accuracy thanks to Bandai's extensive use of the latest tech data and photo references. The intricate heat-resitant tile detail is there, plus all the NASA markings, accurately designed and beautifully applied. The Orbiter, External Fuel Tank (ET), and Solid Rocket Boosters (SRB) can separate to depict the Endeavour in any of its mission configurations. The payload bay doors can be posed opened or closed, revealing even more incredible detail inside. The ISS (International Space Station) -use RMA (Remote Manipulator Arm) can be positioned to manipulate the MPLM (Multi Purpose Logistics Module), with clear display stands included to facilitate realistic posing. Removable panels reveal flight deck and mid-deck details, as well as some internal rocket motor details. The landing gear can be shown extended or retracted, and the engine nozzles, elevons, body flap, and rudder/air brake assemblies are all movable.で買う

No.3 : Hayabusa asteroid sample return probe

This is an asteroid sample return probe "MUSES-C" know as "Hayabusa(falcon)". It was launched in May.9.2003 by M-V No.5 launch vehicle from Uchiniura launch site. Then landed on asteroid "ITOKAWA" Nov.11 and 19.2005. And sample returned to The Earth Jun.13.2010.
  • OTONA NO CYOGOKIN No.3 : Hayabusa asteroid sample return probe

    BANDAI 2011/6/24 JPY24,150

    Scale:1/24. There's no small amount of national pride behind Bandai's decision to release this beautiful completed model of the "Hayabusa" MUSES-C probe that became the first man-made object to successfully land on an asteroid, then bring a physical sample back to Earth in June of 2010. Carefully crafted using photo etched detail parts for realism, this 1/24scale model has several features, including movable solar panels, a red LED to simulate the craft's laser range-finder, a remote control to turn on and off the LED's behind it's ion engines to simulate four different thrust patterns, a removable asteroid particle sample canister, a stand that allows it be positioned in virtually any position, and four different "photo sheets" to decorate the top of the display base.で買う

No.6 : Apollo 13 and SaturnV Launch Vehicle

This is new "OTONA NO CYOGOKIN Apollo 13 and SaturnV Launch Vehicle" scale model following of famous "No.1 : Apollo 11 and SaturnV Launch Vehicle" model.
ApolloManiacs is working for supervise this project.
  • OTONA NO CYOGOKIN No.6 : Apollo 13 and SaturnV Launch Vehicle

    BANDAI 2013/07 JPY54,600

    While the Apollo 13 never made its intended lunar landing the entire crew managed to return safely to Earth in what was one of the most harrowing and heroic manned missions in space program history. This inspirational story of bravery and human ingenuity can be relived through the OTONA NO CHOGOKIN Apollo 13 & Saturn V Launch Vehicle set. Employing diecast material and rendered in exquisite detail, this historical collector's piece features Service Module internal mechanics replicated using actual schematics to show how the module looked without the Sector-4 panel. The Saturn V launch vehicle can be disconnected to show each stage. Also included is a special display stand and accessory parts that can be used to recreate the successful Command Module splashdown and rescue scene.で買う

Model Photos

Photos of Coloring prototype model Mar.2013